I am sitting here watching the Democratic debate and I have a perfect idea. Any one of these candidates would be a perfect president.

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Dear Impossible, that surge in jobs that you refer to has been paid for by way of a TRILLION DOLLAR annual FEDERAL BUDGET DEFICIT , thanks to the “conservative” republicans and their great leader DJT. Our great grandchildren will be paying for this bump in employment scheme used by the Republicans to stay in office. An artifice.

Debbie Alperstein

i never saw or heard commercials for jobs when louis farrakhan butt buddy was shipping jobs to china by the boatload... every demographic is doing far better than during oblamos socialist years... did you call in about comrades deficit? keep watching the delusional, socialist, new world order, fascist/commie, utopiast democrat propaganda lame stream media... trump is taking out the trash...


Wow, somebody got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning.

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