Playground ‘green’

Shamokin made the right decision to keep the playgrounds closed. The CDC says that playgrounds can be difficult to keep clean, they make social distancing difficult, and COVID-19 can spread when children touch contaminated surfaces then touch eyes, mouth and nose. This virus is not over just because were in the “green.”

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National Lib Papers

The News-Item is a great town newspaper, but what is with this trend to carry more and more opinion pieces from other national newspapers, typically of a severe left wing bent. If I wanted to read the WaPo I would subscribe to it. If it is a staff shortage due to the pandemic I understand but why not from more legitimate news sources.


Pretty sure the Washington Post is a legitimate news source. What do you want? A local paper full of talking heads that are not even news journalists , like most of the idiots on FAUX news?

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