Pavement parking

Yes, I would like to know when did they pass the law about parking your vehicle on the pavement? I’m 65, and when I went to school I don’t ever remember that being in my exam.

Biden backing

Vice President Biden is ahead of Trump by a whole bunch of points, it would really shake things up in Washington if all the Democrats running for president should combine and join their efforts in backing him and whoever he wants to pick. That would really make President Trump go and check if he can get political asylum in Russia from his buddy, Putin. All the Democrats running for president, wake up, back Joe Biden, and we’ll all have a Democrat in the next term.

Spygate proof

Documents are proving deep state hacks, Obama, Comey, Brennan and Clapper aided Russian efforts to divide America with Spygate.

Not just the Fifth

There’s a family on Arch Street in Shamokin that has chickens and tons of garbage. While they’re going around checking these houses on the Fifth Ward, they should check the house on Arch Street on Academy Hill.

Zealots only

Why don’t good people want to run for office? Answer: Because zealots are ready to destroy. If you don’t conform, you get harassed to the point of ruining reputations. Stop whittling down opponents until you are satisfied the field is clear for only your voice. Give me my voice!

Bear Gap Market

I was wondering if anyone out there knew why the Bear Gap Market wasn’t opened this year. I really miss it. Their flowers were beautiful.

No free lunch

I’m calling on behalf of these free lunches at the schools. When I was a kid I was raised by a single mother, and I was eligible for free lunch. But I was ashamed to get my free lunch, so what I did, I worked for the NYC programs in the summer and during the school year. The reason why we don’t have these programs anymore is because you have people out at Shamokin Area double and triple dipping, so these poor families can’t even get involved to try to make something and pay for their own free lunch, maybe.

Plate glass You wonder why Dunkin’ Donuts can’t even supply a paper plate, and just a little suggestion, can you please wash your windows?

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Hey "blight blues" ask Lutz why nothing was done for blight the last nearly 3yrs being he was in charge of the Code Enforcement Officer for that period. Ask Slaby why when he was Mayor he gave the property owner of the 900 block Chestnut St properties a last minute deal to only put a band-aid on his properties instead of tearing them down or bringing them up to code when the owner had $$$thousands against him in fines and the borough had an engineer's stamped document stating he must fix the problem correctly and immediately.

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