Why is Mr. Stellar’s son always playing his trumpet with the students? His playing cancels out the sound of the students. Going to two events this summer to see my child and he was playing at both.Then I’m told he will be paid to give lessons. Can anyone tell us when it was advertised for someone to give lessons and get paid? We are all proud of our children as Mr. Stellar is, but there comes a time for them to move on.

Sad news

Here’s some news some citizens might want to hear and didn’t hear. News on this squad. Omar, the radical from St. Paul and Minneapolis in Minnesota, entered the United States with a fake name and married her own brother to cheat the government on income tax. These two things ought to be enough to get her out of Congress. If America keeps going with these Democrats like Omar and Cortez and the other two black women, this country’s in sad shape.

LM coverups

I’d like to know why there’s so many coverups in the Line Mountain School District? Going years back with Thea Taftner, when all the events went on with her, everything was kept silent about her and they claimed she never stole anything from the school district. But I don’t know if I believe that. It was interesting to note that all the school board members were at her sentencing in Harrisburg. Most recently, the alleged shooter, that they supposedly caught out of state, we never heard any dispositions or anything like that reported by anyone, nor can you find any on the internet. So it’s just interesting to note, why are there so many coverups in Line Mountain School Districts? And if there is nothing to cover up, then bring it forth, print an article about it, present facts, instead of saying, “We don’t know of any.”

Miss Sunshine

The new pickup site for surplus food on Arch Street, is so unique, with little Miss Sunshine attracting attention. Really, there she is all dressed up in her little sun suit, pardon the pun, and her little yellow shoes. How cute is that? You gotta see her, she brings a smile to your face and a burst of warmth to your heart and the kids absolutely adore her.

Window installation I

In response to the Anskis brothers’ question about who installed the windows at the Madison Court project: It was the Rhodes brothers. And I believe one of the Rhodes’ wives sits on the housing authority board also.


Yes, Democrats, I don’t find the Trump presidency disturbing.

Window installation II

Isn’t ironic that the housing authority director and solicitor cannot tell you who the installation person was or where they got the windows for Madison Courts, but I betcha’ if ya’ ask a certain person by the name of Rhodes you can find out.

No exoneration

As one of the mere 10% of the nation who actually read the Mueller Report, the reason he did not answer questions about other investigations is because his assignment was limited to Russian interference. What he found was 100 contacts by the campaign with Russia. He identified 10 areas of obstruction of justice and clearly and firmly did not exonerate Trump.

Iranian moolah

To the person inquiring about the money returned to Iran: It was Iranian money and the U.S. had placed a hold on it while it was in American banks. Part of the Iran nuclear deal was the return on their funds in exchange for halting nuclear production.

Circle city

I’m sitting here at the post office, the same city truck, same driver just went by four, no, five times, going around in circles. What the hell is going on? As a taxpayer, you know what I mean? That’s a V-8 truck, the fuel — who’s paying for all this? What are they looking for?

No cop when needed

To the Coal Township Commissioners: Thank you for repaving the 13-, 14- and 1500 block of Walnut Street. Now if we could see a cop every once in a while. The speed limit is 25; not 50, not 45, 25. How about a white line out here? We never see a cop.

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