Labor issue

I’d like to know how much of the new Aldi’s building going up there involves union workers?

Queens of the Stone Age

New York Democrat Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez wants as part of her new deal “economic security for those unable or unwilling to work.” Isn’t that nice? Money for people who refuse to work. She also wants all fossil fuels eliminated in 12 years. We’ll be back to living like The Flinstones.

Robbing hood

Your “Adult swim” comment: It says conservatives are upset about progressives and Democrats gaining power. I am an Independent. No, what the working class people are worried about and fear is that their hard work and efforts to be better are going to be redistributed to the people who do not deserve it. That is our fear — take from the rich and give to the undeserving.

Zipped lip

In response to the caller about Democrats finally finding their voice: If being a forward thinker and finally finding my voice means killing babies, allowing murderers and rapists to come into our country unchecked, allowing non-citizens to vote, giving benefits to illegal aliens while our citizens and veterans are homeless and without food and medical care, then I don’t ever want to speak again. I refuse to talk if that is what finding a voice means.

Legal bills

To all who donated to Trump’s presidential election campaign, reports are that some of your money is paying for Trump family legal fees, including $100,000 for millionaire son-in-law Jared Kushner’s legal bills. Trumpeters, don’t forget the old saying: There is a sucker born every minute.

Feigning outrage

Anyone paying attention to Trump’s lack of respect and every day childish demeanor has no right to feign outrage over Pelosi or any other Democrat, for that matter. Pelosi clapped? Pelosi read along on her printed Version of the SOTU? That’s what you snowflakes call out while giving Trump a pass on everything?

Slippery subject

Today’s poll asks if I believe Trump will use military force in Venezuela. The selections were missing an option: “They have oil, don’t they?”

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