Project Signs

To take care of removing old campaign signs not being removed after elections, the candidates should announce they will pay anyone $1 for each of their signs turned into a specific place at a designated day and time. This would be a great project for the Boy Scouts or school clubs to make money.

Bearing down

During Trump’s rant, including making light of the climate change controversy, Alabama was suffering from the loss of lives and the tremendous destruction of property yet to be determined. Also occurring at the same time, a vicious winter storm was bearing down, yet he continues to support the fossil fuel compies that cause this global emergency.

Forbidden gesture

I saw a picture one time of FDR reaching out and shaking the hand of a coal miner. Today that gesture would be him thrown out of the democratic party.

Dear Jesus

I know everywhere I go everybody purports to believe in Jesus Christ. Exactly how many people believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ? How many people even know what the teachings of Jesus Christ are?

Kulpmont concern

Why is it that you print non-stop Trump bashing every single day in Sound Off, yet here’s a legitimate issue of local interest that you didn’t print. Why? The post contains nothing illegal, immoral or untrue and it’s only a summary of what The News-Item already published in a feature story. Yes, it is an embarrassment to the Kulpmont police and rightfully so. When considering there were smashed storefront window panes laying on the sidewalk on the main street, there’s absolutely no excuse for the police not finding out what occurred until the next day when it was reported to them by a civilian.They were not doing the job they are getting paid to do, and that’s a disservice and safety concern to the Kulpmont taxpayers. So yes, the police chief and council president owe the townspeople and especially the business owners an explanation and apology.

Tax to death

So Shamokin wants to go with the home rule. Why is that? What benefit will it have for taxpayers? We already have 2 percent earned income tax. It says to take advantage of other revenue generating options — which are what? More taxes? Take advantage is the key phrase in that sentence. Home rule will not help this city or the people who are already overtaxed in it. The council must go after the tax-dodging drones to pay their fair share and not the ones who already pay too much.

Fixer upper

Polls show that 50 percent of the American people think Michael Cohen is telling the truth about Trump’s conduct, compared to only 35 percent that think that Donald Trump is being truthful. More Americans believe Cohen, Trump’s fixer, who is going to serve jail time as a convicted liar, than the president of the United States. Obviously, the 35 percent who think the president is truthful are Trump cult members who, if Trump said he was Batman, would believe it.

Is it live or Memorex?

Is Trump a president or a king? We have a leader who is a supreme, serial liar! He is supported by individuals who turn their heads and close their eyes regardless of the consequences. History will note our democracy was threatened during this period and the cowardly Republicans refused to address the problem with the executive branch.

Pinko math

You think I may opt out of paying in to Social Security and Medicare? That is the problem with socialism. Those programs ran for 15 years under 3 percent taxation, then they ran out of other people’s money. Now 15 percent of our income is forced into these programs, and for what? So that we are eligible to dip into a pot of empty promises. There is nothing there but IOUs. I shouldn’t have called Social Security a Ponzi scheme though — that was an insult to Ponzi schemes.

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