Staying in touch

This is Kulpmont Mayor Nick Bozza responding to the caller about calling the mayor’s office and leaving messages and not getting any return calls. I am very busy with work and other organizations. I do not hang out at the mayor’s office nor do I at the borough’s main office. If any resident needs to get in touch with me, please call the borough secretary and she will get your message to me. Thank you. Editor’s note: We also heard from Councilman Bob Slaby, who offered the same advice. Again, the borough office number is 570-373-1521 and the email is

Love of country

A caller said a nationalist is a person who advocates that they are superior to others, they have a special identity, no interest in other nations, and that racism and Nazism had roots in nationalism. This is absolutely false. All nationalism means is that you love your country first and you place the interests of your country first. It has nothing to do with hating other nations or being racist.


Hey, Kenn Splitt, I see you have another article in Sunday’s newspaper and, while I normally disagree with your political opinions and thoughts, I have to say it is a good letter. You were spot on; I agree with you 100 percent on this one.

Five minutes alone

When watching Trump at his rallies, watch the people standing behind him. Searching the crowd one will realize that in Trump’s whole life he would not have and did not spend five minutes with them or anyone like them.


There has been a dramatic surge in far-right violence. The threat of domestic terrorism is now greater than foreign jihadist attacks. The common thread between the suspects in the most recent attacks is the Republican Party’s full embrace of the irrational right-wing conspiracy theories. Trump has embraced this violent, far-right bigotry instead of calling out and denouncing this speech, as any normal president would do. It is destroying our country.

Holiday mood

Now that it is getting close to the holidays I’m wondering how I can get on the guest list for the Kulpmont-Marion Heights Sewer Authority Christmas party. I understand there is surf and turf and all this other food. It sounds like the place to be.


After the backlash you got after your last letter, Kenn Splitt, I thought for sure you would retire your pen, but you have published another letter of false information. The Democratic party is not working for middle-class people. They used to be, but they are not now. They want nothing more to than sit at home and collect their free entitlements and let the Republicans pay for it all.


In regards to the “Divide and conquer” call, once again President Trump used an unsecured line for perhaps the first month of his presidency and has used an encrypted device ever since. Whoever these liberals are who keep calling with lies and exaggerations should be stopped.

Slaves and bulldozers

I’m a Democrat, but if we don’t vote for Donald Trump we are going to be the slaves. China is going to be the owner of this country. People better wise up. These media companies are blaming Donald Trump and trying to get it in your head.

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