Help a guy out

Can you please settle an argument with this idiot trying to tell me there was never a swimming pool at Wayside? I used to swim in there! I know I’m going to win.

Former elementary

Taxpayers of Line Mountain School District should be really happy with their school board. The former elementary they gave away for under $24,000 is on the tax sale list. He did nothing but let the place dilapidate.

Smokin’ problem

The food bus is over there and the people are ready to eat, but where do they get money for cigarettes? Why can’t they save their money to buy food?

Summer coats

I’m reading the letter to the editor about Kulpmont Borough having the heating fixed in the building. Go to the senior action center. You freeze in there. The heating system is far from fixed.

Turn up the heat

They didn’t fix the heating system at the Kulpmont Borough. It is freezing in there. I am an elderly woman and they shouldn’t have it cold like that for us.

A strong rally

I see in the paper that there’s going to be a rally against hate, against Barletta and our president. I certainly hope that Maxine Waters shows up so she can show us how to rally against hate. Maybe she can talk about the Obama agenda that hated police officers or the immigration agenda that Obama created. Sorry, we’re having a strong America. Go, President Trump.

Pot money

Federal law prohibits banks and credit unions from taking marijuana money. Marijuana businesses can’t get loans, customers have to pay in cash and state tax collectors are processing bags of bills, so how is Northumberland County going to get paid $1.5 million for the property being sold to marijuana growers? In bitcoin?

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