Slow down

I would like to inform the idiots who speed through Diamondtown without stopping. There is a new stop sign there, it’s 3’X3’ in size, how do you miss it? The township police would have a field day here, I hope they get you!

Potato girl

We could ensure world peace at least in North Korea. I saw a picture of their leader actually smiling at a field of potatoes. I remembered my Slovak “BABA” and all the fabulous cooks in our area who could do it all with potatoes and still do. Peace — from the polish Poconos.

Thanks, Walt

I would like to thank Walk Kozlowski for his column. It is always inspiring and well-written and the column of July 7 was excellent. Thank you, Walt, and God bless you.

Personal responsibility

Mr. Splitt, everyone is responsible for their own actions. Democrats have abused the right to protest and they are violent in speech and actions, the language of actors and actresses is despicable. Congresswoman Maxine Waters has provoked public harassment of President Trump’s staff and supporters. She should be removed from office on the grounds of sedition. And yes, champions for life are outraged by abortion. Parents are responsible for the life of their children and these immigrant parents should make the right decision for their children’s welfare, not the government. President Trump is following the laws that have been in existence for years.

Fog machine

To the person who said after 30 years that you can’t point to a single instance of purposeful wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton simply shows the brain fog of the Democratic side is the consistency of pea soup. Especially when you said her presidency would have protected our children. Tell that to the babies that will never grow up to be children.

Let’s not be hypocrites

North Korea states that the United States is using gangster-like diplomacy. North Korea wants complete U.S. troop withdrawal for denuclearization. This sudden turnabout by the North Koreans must be because of the Democrats’ collusion with Russia, China and North Korea. Time for Mueller and his Hillary supporters to investigate this. Let’s not be hypocrites.


After watching Trump’s unhinged rant in Montana it is frightening to know that this is the leader of the free world.

Too loud, too old

I don’t know where it is coming from and it is not extremely loud for me and I like music as much as the next guy, but six hours a day seven days a week is a little much.

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[thumbdown]When is it going to end? The hate of FBI Agent Peter Strzok is not unusual for the far left and the Swamp creature elite. We, the middle of America, love the flag, our patriots, and normal America but these things are despised by those within the many far left Swamps in America. When a few in the FBI and Washington can send hate filled and biased texts containing things like Just went to a southern Virginia Walmart. I could SMELL the Trump support.' and calling us “ deplorable “ and “ ignorant hillbillies “ something is wrong with the America I knew. Don’t we pay their salaries?

An America without God, guns and religion is not what our Founding Fathers wanted and it is not the America I know, want and grew up in.

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