Return to sender

I would like to thank the person who found my purse in a grocery cart in Weis parking lot and turned it in. When I realized it was missing, I returned to the store expecting to never see it again. I am so grateful to whoever was honest and kind enough to take it to customer service. Many negative things are said about our area, but I for one know that there are still good people in Shamokin.


Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she would like to see President Trump’s senior officials invoke the 25th amendment and remove Trump from office. Other than President Trump, I have no use for any other politician in Washington. Sen. Warren should watch what she wishes for. She may see something that this country hasn’t seen since 1861.

Trump, you’re fired

Bob Woodward’s book paints a picture of Trump as narcissistic, detached, deranged and mentally unstable. Woodward’s portrayal of an unfit president was confirmed by the op-ed written by a top Trump official. This is a national emergency. It is the patriotic duty of Congress to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove President Trump from office before he does irreparable damage to our democracy.

Just do-nate it

OK, enough. Colin K. has a Polish last name like mine and is biracial; also adopted like me. Maybe that is why I don’t care if he has a cause. I accept everyone and love them. But why burn Nike? Don’t like Nike? Donate. I just bought Nike for my two baby grandkids before all this. Will you be mad at them if they wear Nike? This is supposed to be a free country — we all have causes.

Intervention, please

Northumberland County needs your intervention. There are very few full-time, significant places of employment here, even less paying above poverty. Therefore, a high dependency and use of the welfare system; less private home and vehicle ownership; and insufficient funding to support small businesses and maintain a relevant “downtown.” There are more public transportation and rental units. There has been no relevant development, careers or industry in 50 to 60 years due to corruption, active neglect and unfettered decline. The cumulative effects of these conditions over 50 to 60 years or longer can have only one outcome, which would be hard to overlook. Strip malls and murals will not fix this. Editor’s take: What kind of intervention are you suggesting? You stated the problems, but not any solutions.


If Dollar General builds on the old Masonic Lodge site, then the current Dollar General building becomes the next tinder box. We have too many empty storefronts now. We need to encourage landlords to reinvest their rental income in maintaining their buildings like The OIP does.

No novice

Mr. Garancheski’s opinion about Trump being attacked because he is a so called “novice” is ridiculous. Trump is being exposed as an incompetent and unfit president. Reporting on Trump’s dangerous policies and fact checking his many lies is not attacking a novice, it is trying to protect our democracy.

GOP turnovers

Trump’s leadership style of belittling and bullying is certainly responsible for the huge turnover of personnel with his administration. Unknown staff members have developed and directed presidential decisions without responsibility or oversight. It’s certainly no surprise that a “Senior White House Official” forwards an anonymous letter to the news media expressing what is occurring behind the scene.

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