True colors

Between the Shamokin Area School Board and the district itself, their true colors have really been surfacing in recent years. You have Mrs. Michetti who got away with stealing on company time, got a slap on the wrist and the school board did nothing. They could have taken her pension. Now you have Mr. McElwee — again, a slap on the wrist.

A question

Are we better off as a nation than we were two years ago? Last week we had a synagogue shooting, a racist shooting at a grocery store and pipe bombs mailed to critics of the president. We are being directed by a president and his “nationalism” that includes hate, violence, scapegoating and bigotry. Our love of country and patriotism, its laws, political, legal systems and traditions are seriously threatened. Editor’s note: There’s plenty to complain about these days, but it certainly didn’t just start two years ago.

For shame

Shame on you, Judge Jones. How can you sleep at night?

Rubbing elbows

Our justice system isn’t about justice anymore. It is about who you rub elbows with, and rewarding stupid.

Can do better

I am watching the replay of the Mount Carmel-Shamokin on WKMC. They both have good teams. Mount Carmel has a good team, but so many penalties. Also, I just saw the Shamokin band and they have a young guitar player who was wailin’ some tunes. I grew up with Clapton and Jimmy Page; this kid is good. Go for it, man.

Look for the truth

The old saying is, “and the truth shall set you free.” I guess most of the callers to Sound Off are going to be prisoners for the rest of their lives.

Making a list

So I guess if you have done good in your life and you know big names in this town you can go around and beat and taze people and basically get away with it. I’m going to go make my list now.

Few good men

I would just like to say today I am thankful for people like the honorable Judge Hugh Jones for allowing a good man to serve his time at home with his family. It just goes to show you that the justice system and good people can show that we can rehabilitate people and the only answer isn’t jail.

Rules of engagement

My dad gave me a father-son speech when I was young. He told me never walk away from a fight; you will lose your pride and dignity. He also told me his rules to fight: Never jump somebody, never sucker-punch somebody, never hit below the belt and never use an unfair weapon. These are all signs of a coward. Last, shame on you, Mayor Brown and Kurt; your signs are going to be removed from my yard.

Let down

Kurt Masser defended his testimony on Ron McElwee by saying he was subpoenaed and he had to testify. That may be true, but he didn’t have to call Mr. McElwee a stand-up guy after what McElwee did. I am very disappointed in Kurt Masser.

Fake tax cut

Even though Congress is not in session, the president tells us that we middle-classers are getting a 10 percent tax cut by Election Day. So, get ready, because if he says it, it must be true.

Crop circle

While American farmers have crops rotting in the fields, Trump wants to shoot those who are coming and willing to do that work.

Tune out

I would just like to say that people shouldn’t watch “The View” or Jimmy Kimmel on ABC. It is a shame the way they crucify our president. Whether you voted for him or not, he is the leader of the free world and the leader of the United States of America. No president ever was abused like this.

Grace street

Abortion is murder. It is on a scale today greater than all previously combined abortions in human history. Behind every abortion is the devil; a murder and liar from the beginning. Our own human resources in fighting this abomination are necessary, even vital, but entirely inadequate without God’s gift of grace.

Act of violence

Why didn’t Judge Hugh Jones consider the recommendation of the DA for a jail sentence for this premeditated and vicious act of violence? What is wrong with your common sense?

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