Don’t hassle me, I’m local

When we say we’re from Coal Township or Shamokin, that means we were born and raised here. We have respect for the people and pride in our towns. Now we have the scum from other cities that are taking over and glad to get welfare and freebies from our town.

We’re in trouble

The two callers whose pieces appeared in Tuesday’s edition of the paper pertaining to people moving here from out of the area were 100% right. All we’re getting are lowlives, troublemakers and the houses are deplorable. Renting all these homes in our area ruined our town. It’s awful.


The Mueller Report is similar to Geraldo Rivera’s opening of Al Capone’s vault. For those too young to remember it, it happened in April 1986. It was a two-hour special and in the end nothing was found. At the end of the Meuller Report, which took two years and millions of dollars, nothing was found. The only difference was Geraldo stopped digging and the Democrats will not.

Do it right this time

The water company is down here on Rock Street fixing the street, putting new pipes in, and they’re going to pave the street. I don’t want the junkyard parking junk cars on Rock Street and letting cars leak oil all over the place and messing up the streets again. Tell the mayor, no junk yard stuff on Rock Street.

Cats are menaces

Don’t the people who have cats and let them loose realize how much damage they do to the properties of people who don’t have any pets? Plus, how much money per year do we spend to keep them out of our yard? Plus, how much money they have cost us in ruining seat covers, glider covers and rugs? Please, if you have cats, keep them out of our yard. We’re tired of cleaning up the messes.

Leave the leaves

This is for the old lady in Den Mar Gardens who repeatedly blows leaves from her yard down to the neighbors property it borders: It’s getting old. If you can’t, or won’t, pick up your leaves, then get your trees cut down or hire someone to clean your property. We, your neighbors, pick up leaves. You make more work for us.


In response to “Unplanned,” and “Women’s rights,” you can sugar coat your words any way you want to and claim your rights as a woman. But abortion is murder — murder is murder — and you don’t have a right to commit murder. I don’t care what your circumstances are.

It’s complicated

The people of April 6 have Shamokin addresses, but they just moved up to this area. They’re still people from cities. It takes time to learn the area and become part of it. Your question of how long you have to live here to become a Shamokin resident, who knows, six months? A year? But it’s not a few weeks, in my opinion.

Declaration of independence

Last week, I wrote a letter to the editor regarding the effects and causes of BREXIT. It was not published. However, it is very important to our coal region. Why? In 2018, there were 43,807,515 tons of coal exported to Europe or nearly one-third of the U.S. coal exports. The Brits want out of the EU: Fact 1: Britain does not want any more refugees from Syria and North Africa. Fact 2: Britain does not want to take on financial obligations of the nearly bankrupt Socialist countries of Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Cypress and Ireland. Fact 3: Britain wanted to reclaim sovereignty. Enough said.

You work, they play

I know two adolescent kids in their 20s who keep having children and keep having them taken from them because they are deemed to be unfit. Why? Why can’t the state fix her or him or both so that these babies are not the ones that have to suffer? You and I are the ones paying for them to live off of the system; paying for rent, utilities, food and to keep having babies.

Fair deal

If Congress demands Trump’s tax forms be made public, then we, as Americans that pay the salaries for the members of Congress, should demand that all members of Congress distribute their tax forms to the American people. What’s fair, is fair. They should be printed in all major newspapers and be made available online for us to see how they became millionaires after being elected. Joe’s take: Well, you can’t be earning minimum wage and afford to run for high office, that’s for sure.


Don’t die with your shoes off or you’ll lose your soul.

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