Pastor’s POV

The poll in today’s News-Item asking if people go to church every week is interesting. Maybe a few local pastors from different congregations would offer their insights about the results of that question as a follow up feature story.

Saber wound?

So the SABER meeting with the “Department of Homeland Security” and its civil rights officer, who, incidentally, maintains a suspicious database of journalists, would not permit media coverage of their little meeting? We mainly get grants for demolition, not to attract new residents to live in these homes for a reason. Some day it will come out that there is a concerted effort to herd Americans in to cities and to depopulate the coal region.

Eat bugs

Again, with people complaining about neighbors with chickens, this time from Mount Carmel Township. If you can’t smell them and their noise is not out of line, what is it to anyone? My neighbor has pond frogs and they are way louder than back in the day when neighbors had chickens. They are good neighbors with a large lot. They should be able to do what they want to so long as my property is not meaningfully affected.

How long?

On the 1000 block of East Sunbury Street sits a white, four-door sedan with an expired registration, smashed windshield, flat tire and the license plate spray painted black. How long is this eyesore going to sit? Please come haul this piece of junk away.

Christmas in July

I noticed the people on the 1400 block of Scott Street have Christmas decorations up for the last few months. Are they aiming for Christmas in July or are they too lazy to take down their decorations?

To the point

Nancy Pelosi characterized Trump with supreme simplicity — “He does not know right from wrong.”

Same thing

Donald Trump said about taking information from other countries and then reporting it to the FBI afterwards. He’s supposed to be doing that before. He’s doing the same thing he was doing in 2016.

Pay raise

Kulpmont Borough Council approves a $4,000 a year raise for the solicitor. Seventeen thousand dollars on sidewalks that can wait, but yet decline $1,100 or $1,200 for safety devices for their pedestrians and question about every radio in police cruisers? This Kulpmont council is not for safety. Change is needed bad.

We want signs

Kulpmont Borough resident here. Will council put the new signs up on the sidewalks? Safety is important, let’s get the signs up to protect our residents.

I took offense

Rhetorical answer to “Eminent City,” that was in Friday. The only thing I can say to this person is you must be speaking from personal experience. I don’t know about you, but my husband and I have been here for 35 years. I pay my taxes, I keep my property clean and my yard mowed. What is wrong with you?

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