Do as I say ...

Democrats are rich people telling poor people that rich people are the reason they are poor.

New math

All the conspiracy theorists like Adam Schiff and Maxine Waters are looking for something new, anticipating a Mueller letdown.

Green gas

Some Iowa farmers have already begun practicing green ranching. Manure goes to a methane extractor and the resultant gas generates electricity to power the community. America will move to protect the planet regardless of the president.

Stage and scheme

My advice to “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett is, everybody makes mistakes, so don’t beat yourself up. Editor’s take: That’s a good one.

Gov’t control

The government controls all healthcare, daycare, housing and education in our most distressed zip codes, and we are seeing the same results that we see when we have socialism and/or government control as in other countries, like Venezuela.

Empty buildings

I was just wondering why they didn’t put Aldi’s in the Save-a-Lot building. Now there is just going to be another building that is just going to sit and rot. Editor’s take: It’s an interesting question, but it appears Aldi’s will be a much larger building. Besides, Aldi’s doesn’t have any responsibility to fill a vacant building and make up for some other business’ loss.

Remember when

Remember when we had dignified, well-spoken, polite and honorable presidents with lovely families who did not view more than half the nation as their enemy?


I am very concerned about this world global warming situation and I have come to the conclusion the only time it started was when the missiles were shot up to the moon and to the atmosphere, stratosphere and hemisphere. That is the start of all this chaos and it continues today. I wish some would come to their senses and realize that is what is causing this havoc all over the world. Frog’s take: Wow!

Manners or not

Manners seem to have gone from the president and a lot of Washington insiders’ vocabulary. I laugh at the news media trying not to say out loud some of the curses and nasty things that are said. Presidents Day is for all the presidents ever — that I think should be always honored.

Connect four

I see this paper doesn’t want to put anything in about that Smollet and Harris connection. I see the media is starting to get on to it, but your paper doesn’t want to print it. Frog’s take: Huh?

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