Whatever this president did or didn’t do, I read so much hatred since he is president. People criticizing prisoners of war that, as Republicans, they may have voted for once, nasty words against immigrants that most of us were — just pure nastiness. I hope if Trump gets a second term, his speech becomes a little kinder and people are more respectful of each other. Is this the proper way to teach our offspring?

Permit fee

Coal Township commissioners think it’s fair to tax all Northumberland County taxpayers to subsidize the spending of Coal Township. As a Mount Carmel taxpayer, I object and hope the county takes you to the cleaners. It is ridiculous to propose that you come to a settlement and the settlement money is given to Coal Township. That, in my mind, is extortion. Vote out Zalar as the ringleader.

Make ‘em laugh

Fire officials “aflame”? Seriously? It’s good to see you keeping it lighthearted. I miss the police blotter headlines from years ago, like “egg case cracked” and “purse purloined.” Laughter is the best medicine and we need it in today’s world.

Rise and shine

You can tell spring is here. The garbage men are out banging their dumpsters at 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. the same night. Is there a bonus or something for whomever collects the most before dawn? That is some darn mean stuff to do before dawn. Do people get billed twice for that even when one is already empty? Just wondering — and sick and tired of being awakened so rudely.

Heroic history

To the person who doesn’t like John McCain because he did not fight back when he was captured. McCain’s A-4E Skyhawk was shot down over Hanoi. During ejection, McCain had both of his arms broken and one knee. He landed in Truc Bach Lake wearing 50 pounds of gear and promptly sank to the bottom. He was retrieved by the locals who bayoneted him and crushed his shoulder. I do not care if you find that “heroic.” I did not like McCain because he flip-flopped on torture and voted for big government, but I respect anyone’s tenacity for surviving the Hanoi Hilton. I’d like to see you fight back with those injuries.

Shame, shame

Responding to “not a hero”: To disparage McCain, who, by the way couldn’t have put up his hands to surrender because his arms were broken when he ejected from his doomed plane, is such an ignorant, horrendous act, that I’m sure the paper would never print what I think of your intelligence or what I think of you as a human being. You obviously hate McCain because you idolize the draft dodging coward in the White House who has no honor. To you I can only say shame, as well as to the News-Item for printing such sickening trash. Joe’s take: Whether you find it sickening or not, it’s someone else’s opinion, and as long as there’s a Sound Off, we’ll print it.

A rich ‘feel’

Two township commissioners “feel” there should be no settlement. That’s rich! George Zalar and Craig Fetterman cannot comprehend that they are responsible to follow state rules, which regulate fees, and that they lost the fee lawsuit. Their hardest efforts have been to put a monkey wrench to every bit of progress that their party could not take credit for. Their delusional disregard for the court’s ruling places the corruption that has destroyed this town on display. I’ll be voting Republican in November.

Just one complaint?

So I see the folks at the AOAA want to have these off-road vehicles on the streets every day. So what, may I ask, was the whole point of building this park? I love how the “officials” said they only received one noise complaint. Really? Apparently, they don’t check Facebook posts of complaints. I am just one of many in my neighborhood where they enter to come into the city that complained of the noise. I know it’s great for city business, but please pick a different, more appropriate route. The bypass idea was a good thought from the article.

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Shame, shame - Don't let it ruffle your feathers, anyone can be a tough guy on the other end of a phone or sitting at a keyboard, this poster probably couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag and still lives in his mommie's basement...Joe, your are completely correct you should post thing such as this as long as we get to call out mommie's boy as the hapless primate he is...

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