Still a good guy

I hope this doesn’t stop Mr. Muldowney from running for school board. He was one of the best we had. Maybe you should go back to school again to learn the difference between a.m. and p.m.

Great job, cast

I am calling about “Mary Poppins Jr.” at the arts center this weekend. What a great show was put on by those children. I sure bet all of the parents, grandparents, family and friends are very proud of them. We do appreciate all of the hard work and training that goes into such a production. Thanks to the Styers and all who had a part in it.

I voted!

I just want to go on the record and say me and my entire family, tons of my friends and everybody who is a red-blooded American will be voting for Donald Trump in 2020. Thank you and have a nice night.

Baby killing

Commenting on the letter to the editor on Sunday, a baby’s heartbeat is detected in the mother’s womb by six or seven weeks. If you decide to abort this heartbeat, yes, it is baby killing, Jack Strausser.

Harris on the hunt

Watch out, Trump. Kamela Harris is coming, and she’s coming after you. She’s a strong, outspoken woman and she’s going to tell you where to stand, and it sure as hell isn’t going to be in the White House.

Cheap property

I was just reading Sunday’s paper and I see Mr. Gilligbauer got 11 properties for a dollar. I could only imagine what they look like.


Jack Strausser’s letter to the editor in Sunday’s News-Item was articulated very well, but the man doesn’t make any sense. First off, he said third-trimester procedures are very rare. Just because it’s rare, does that make it OK? You’re killing a viable human being, what don’t you understand about that? Secondly, he goes on that pro-lifers are moralizing to other people. Judge not that you be judged. What about what Christ said about not admonishing your brother when he’s doing wrong? Then he goes on to say the Republican’s constituents, the rich, are the ones behind this. No. Most people who are pro-life are common, everyday people. Mr. Strausser, your letter makes no sense. Your letter, in my opinion, is bullfeathers, and you are talking out of the wrong end of your body.


The Los Angeles mayor is lecturing Trump on the environment as tons of rat-infested garbage is endangering his city.

Judge not

Jesus said: He who is without sin cast the first stone. So the people out there who have no sin, cast the first stone.

What’s the number?

A couple weeks ago someone in Sound Off was praising a carpenter that they had, the first name was Matt. Could you please put the telephone number in Sound Off because I am looking for a nice person to help.

No deal

I keep seeing stories about how Iran will exceed the amount of uranium it’s allowed to have under its nuclear deal. News flash! Donnie pulled us out of that nuclear deal. There is none. So there’s no deal to abide by, idiots.

Haunting occurrence

To the person or persons who destroyed my family’s grave? If you were desperate, come see me, I’ll give you money. If you were bored, come see me, I’ll give you work. If you did it for drug money, shame on you, I hope my family haunts you until your dying day.

Good job, Joe

My hat goes off to you, Mr. Joe Cesari.

Stop bullying

The Mount Carmel Area School District, since they got new teachers and everything, why don’t they now make the teachers act decent and presentable like teachers should? They should also crack down on all this bullying. I can see why parents are at home teaching their children. I wish they could make the teachers go to school to see what’s going on and do the same to them. Come on, teachers, think of the children.

Looking up

Congratulations, Coal Township, on your Aldi’s store. It’s beautiful, clean and roomy. Now let’s get a chain restaurant like Olive Garden along with a hotel in the area. That should move the economy.

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