Forked tongue

Joe, I find it interesting where you said that the small clique of people doing the negative posts about Trump have as much right to have their opinion posted in The News-Item as the next person. Well, then practice what you preach, because some comments I made in the past were my opinions and never printed. None were illegal, immoral or threatening in any way, so obviously, I didn’t have the same right. Why is that? Joe’s take: The News-Item reserves the right to publish or not to publish any Sound Off that comes to the office. The reasons vary, so don’t take it personally. But look, you got your Sound Off in the paper.

The mark

It may be time to retire the Social Security number, but to replace it with a biometric scan of your forehead in order to be permitted to sell your labor ought to raise a few red flags! “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.” Proverbs 14:12. Do not accept the identifying number of your man from this machine if you care about your soul. Revelation 13:16-19.

Biased bunch

Joe, get real. You expect people to believe your comment that everybody has the same right to have their opinions published? It’s not true. I’ve sent comments about local issues that in no way were close to the name calling that the clique of Trump bashers get away with, and they were not published. So wake up, News-Item, you’re being manipulated by giving the appearance of partisan politics to a select few, which the News-Item has always shied away from. Don’t believe me? Ask around the news department. Joe’s take: Who should I ask?

Mueller charade

Mr. Mueller’s cameo appearance on national TV was pathetic. His statement did not change the fact that he wasted two years time, spent at least $25 million and had a stable of 40 hateful lawyers that kowtow to the corrupt Clintons. He was given unfettered access to the entire administration and produced not a whiff of evidence that President Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia to rig the 2016 election. Mueller is afraid to publicly answer questions from the press about his report, like when he knew there was no collusion and about the fake FISA warrants, none of which is covered in his report. He and Comey should be made cellmates after this charade.

Coverup life

Our self-proclaimed stable genius president stated he doesn’t do coverups. What would you call the false explanation he issued about the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians? What about his statements that his campaign had no contact with Russia when he knew there were many contacts? What about not allowing reporting on his meetings with Putin? What about preventing the release of his high school grades, his college grades, his banking records or his income tax returns? Trump’s whole life has been a coverup of his immorality, criminality and incompetence.

Fantastic job

This bad press for the mayor for the wife being on the same government. Hey, the Ciminos up in Mount Carmel are the same way and they’re doing a fantastic job. I’m sure Mr. and Mrs. Brown will do a fantastic job.

Dig this

While driving along and seeing signs “Trump Digs Coal,” interestingly, they are tacked onto houses that have gas meters evident.

Arrest them

In response to “From the womb to the tomb,” yes, the doctors should be charged with murder when performing an abortion. And also, everyone in the room should be charged with aiding and abetting murder, which, I believe, is a felony also.

Poor maintenance

I don’t know who’s maintaining the grass up at the St. Mary’s Cemetery in Brennan’s Farm, but they better do a better job than what they’re doing, because it looks disgraceful.


I just read the article in The News-Item this morning, where an interviewer interviewed mayor and presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg. The article, as far as I’m concerned, was one more way to put President Trump in a bad light. The article goes on to say that no president has the right to look over war crimes and release prisoners. Did not President Obama release five or possibly seven members, high-ranking terrorist members of ISIS or the Taliban. He released them, all right. So, let’s not talk about this anymore.


This is in response, to “Calm down, Dems.” To your comment “the Dems should go away,” your tribal polarization is part of our country’s problem. You obviously are not interested in bi-partisanship. As for the Trumpers standing in the blazing sun? No worries, they were drinking Kool Aid. Stubborn ignorance is what’s ruining this great democracy.

No results?

Why isn’t there any details on this past election? Like who won, who lost, how many votes did they get? I guess you’re too busy with anti-American, anti-Trump calling to Sound Off. Joe’s take: Caller, did you see the front page of our May 22 edition on local primary election results? Election coverage stories that required two jump pages? Seriously?

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