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CNN breaking news: Christine Blasey Ford finds knowledge that she made a mistake. It was not Justice Kavanaugh. It was William Barr.

Mt. Carmel park

I see Mount Carmel is going to spend tax money on the town park this year. I thought Anthracite Fire Co. was supposed to be taking care of that the whole time? What happened here?

Stay out of war

There are people in our government who want to send American troops into Venezuela. Why can’t we just sit this one out? Why is is every time there is conflict in the world we have to send in troops? The world survived before America and the world will survive after America. Spend my tax dollars at home.


Now we got Superman in the White House. He’s got X-ray eyes. He’s seeing right through Putin.

I agree with her

I’m sitting here reading “What price you pay,” by Nicole Farraguna and I had to keep looking back at the name because this is the first and only column this lady has written that I agree with.

Bring back the old stores

A friend and I were talking about shopping and Walmart kept coming up. I said I miss Kmart and Ames in town. Walmart bullied them out, that’s all.

More to do

A thank-you was called in to Mount Carmel Township for the removal of a burned house at the end of Girard Street. They’re grateful and I guess they should be. But how about Beech Drive coming into Shady Acres? For years we’ve been promised it will be paved. They keep saying next year, next year, next year. They keep saying they don’t have money. Why doesn’t Sound Off send a News-Item reporter to walk Beech Drive in Shady Acres? It is like a World War I backroad. It’s totally ridiculous yet Mount Carmel Township won’t do anything despite the money we pay in taxes.

Focus on the issues

Just read the front-page edition of Monday morning’s News-Item and in it there’s an article about the senate judiciary hearing and how the cryptkeeper put a chicken on AG Barr’s desk. Does Congress think this crap is really important? Right now, South America is starting to fall apart. Venezuela has been blown apart. The Russians and the Cubans are down there stirring things up. Think about that. South America is right below the U.S. and we have the Russians fooling around in the Western hemisphere. Do you know how serious that is? The Democrats in Congress are screwing around with Trump and obstruction? Wake up, people.

What about parking?

The only problem that I could see from the proposed medical facility on Independence Street is the entire area is dotted with parking meters. Will there be any designated parking spots available for personnel and patients or will they have to decide between health care or running down the street to feed those money-sucking contraptions?

How do you like it?

One wonders if all the people in the Midwest who have been tormented with floods, storms or tornadoes are glad Trump withdrew from the climate accords.

Good job, Kulpmont

Hats off, the Kulpmont council for dealing with the blight. This is nothing that occurred overnight and it’s a painstaking process. We need to keep our town clean so we can attract the type of neighbors that we want.

Mail woes

To a Kulpmont mail man: Pay attention to what you’re doing because I’m getting mail from neighbors two weeks ago that should have been here. Now I have to pay late fees. Are you going to pay them for me? Pay attention.

Mueller an ally?

If Trump believes the Mueller Report exonerates him, one would think he would be begging Mueller to testify, but, of course, he is not.

Obama failed

Let’s see what Obama’s accomplishments were. He gave $150 billion to a terrorist country that we’re sending warships to. He gave bathrooms to the transvestites and transgenders and now coo-coo is saying the economy is up because Obama was in place. People are getting nuttier and nuttier.

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