No Home Rule

I see Mayor John Brown passed the torch to Northumberland County Commissioner candidate Dan McGaw to now run the Home Rule meetings. Maybe it was because John Brown was getting beat up in these meetings because the politicians failed to answer good questions from the audience members. Judging by The News-Item’s polls, and the attendance at these meetings, I would say the politicians’ chances of this passing are slim to none.

Kulpmont death trap

The intersection at the corner of 10th and Chestnut streets in Kulpmont is a death trap. People constantly park on the yellow line and you can’t see to get out. There will be a terrible accident there. It seems like it’s just being ignored.

Unionized slackers

No work today, it’s raining out. Thank God for the union.

Toxic view

I live on the 700 block of Scott Street in Kulpmont. Just wondering when Kulpmont will clean up the toxic waste dump behind myself on First Street. I’ve been complaining to council and nothing is being done about it. It’s an ugly sight to look at from my back door.

Thanks, SAES

A very special thank you to the Shamokin elementary students for the food drive they held for Our Lady of Hope food pantry the first two weeks in April. They collected approximately 825 items of non-perishable foods, helping feed the needy and hungry people in our area.

Gas tax criminals

$4.2 billion gas tax given to the state police. I think we should build another prison down in Harrisburg for all the corrupt politicians, starting with the governor, and our Legislature should be doing something. When we had the shooting up north, how many millions did they spend on state police and they couldn’t find them? What a joke.

Parental misguidance

It is ridiculous that the school district and its employees are trying to change the beliefs that parents are putting in their children. The parents are showing their children its OK to hate people. Let the parents teach their children properly.

Response to ‘Bad Karl’

The caller said “I think Donald Trump does take the advice of the Russian Mafia board of directors who bailed him out of bankruptcy by investing millions of dollars in his real estate business.” So what? So what if they bailed him out or had business dealings with him before he was president? It has no bearing on the case, does it? What about crooked Hillary selling uranium to the Russians and what about her blatant Russian collusion regarding the Trump campaign. Why don’t you put that in your pipe and try smoking that and see how it tastes?

Susquehanna communists

Keep it up, Nicole and all your Susquehanna liberal comrades. Your plans are totally backfiring. All your idiotic postings just make us stick our heels in even farther to support President Trump, if that is even possible. How does it feel to be on the wrong side of right?

Where’s the money?

If Bartos didn’t pay the bills, I still don’t understand where the money went? That’s like me giving my uncle $100 a month to pay my light bill and he doesn’t pay it. OK, the bill didn’t get paid, but where did the money go? I don’t understand.

Response to ‘Oh, Donald’

I’ll admit Donald Trump is a serial liar when Democrats admit Hillary Clinton broke the law by storing thousands and thousands of emails on a serve they shouldn’t have been stored on.


Trump has decided he will now fight all subpoenas initiated by Congress... the House of Representatives. He is completely naive of the Constitution. He exhibits contempt and a personal disregard for this document. He doesn’t realize his aides and agencies work for the American people, not specifically for him. He brazenly and flagrantly perjures his presidential oath of office. He is destroying the Republican Party!

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It amazes me how ignorant the general public is. Most Sound Offers use only one ounce of a quart of knowledge within their their lazy, stagnant minds and then incorrectly comment on it. Is it any wonder Fake News is brainwashing Americans?

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