Truly blessed

If anyone liked my letter to the editor on Teddy Pendergrass, I have several copies of his book, “Truly Blessed,” from 1998. I got them for very little and will share. If you are depressed, handicapped, love music or just need some reason to find faith in these days, look him up. His documentary will soon be on TV. If anyone wants to borrow a book, the paper can call me.

Look for the truth

Trump’s constant lying is the cornerstone of his presidency. All presidents have lied — Johnson about Vietnam, Nixon about Watergate, Clinton about Lewinsky — but no other president has lied about everything, or lied for the purpose of generating hatred. His total disregard of truth is a subversion of our democracy and a dereliction of his Constitutional duty.


Donald Trump did not have the moral character to cancel his political rally the day after the deadliest attack on Jews in U.S. history. Trump defended holding the rally by saying the New York Stock Exchange opened a day after the Sept. 11 attacks. That was a lie. The Stock Exchange reopened Sept. 17. Trump, have you no decency?

In a tizzy

The national debt is skyrocketing and the “fat cats” are going to the bank. Democrats instituted Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare and the G.I. Bill, and now Republicans want to cut them. Republicans were responsible for the depressions of 1873, 1893, 1929 and the meltdown in 2008-09. Are we heading toward hard times because of their corruption, lack of compassion, racism and fear-mongering?

Reward productivity

Someone calls with verifiable facts and, within a week, ignorant comments return. The tax cuts were not what blew up the budget. The largest budget buster in the history of the world was the bank bailouts — corporate welfare both parties supported. Obama gave more than $3 trillion to rich bankers for wrecking the economy, and yet people complain that Trump gave some hard-working people a tax cut?

Equal opportunity

Is Trump a racist? He made some very nasty statements in regard to immigration and has far-right white supremacists and KKK in his base. I can’t say one way or another, but to me he is an equal opportunity hater, changing his mind to suit his own agenda.

Down by the river

The van of the man arrested for sending bombs to prominent Democrats looked like an altar to Donald Trump. Obviously the man was unstable; however, Trump’s constant verbal attacks had to have had some influence on him. Trump’s lies are designed to use anger and fear to incite his supporters into voting; he doesn’t care if his hateful rhetoric also incites some to violence.

Column A or Column B

I was going to vote for candidate A until I saw where candidate B pointed out all of those negative things about candidate A. So I thought I’d vote for candidate B until I saw where candidate A pointed out all of those negative things about candidate B. So I’m stuck with the choice that all of us patriotic citizens will face, and I’ll vote for the lesser of two evils. One of these days I’ll find a candidate who will promise and deliver on his promises and do it without constant mud-slinging.

London calling

Here I sit watching the Eagles game that is over in London and the guy announcer said: “Please remove your hat and stand for the national anthem.” All the football players were abiding by the rules and who was being disrespectful? The fans. Nobody is removing their hats, people are talking and using their cell phones. Maybe now Donald Trump ought to speak out to the fans. Frog’s take: Um, the game was in London. I’d venture to guess most of the people in attendance were not American.

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