Read the paper

I just read in Sound Off this morning of a Vietnam veteran is looking for information on PTSD. If he contacts The News-Item and gets in touch with Tim Zyla, the editor, I am sending the information to him.

Clean sweep needed

Why do we have to buy The Daily Item to find out what’s happening with the Shamokin school board? The Daily Item’s Friday’s edition says the school board is investigating, but no names will be published under the privacy act. It’s stealing. They’re stealing the taxpayers time and money. Heads should roll if the school board don’t want to straighten this out then votes for Mr. Zack can come out. We need new school directors, someone that will watch out for the taxpayers. Not sweep it under the rug.

Great job

I’d like to thank “Born For This,” that put the show on in the Methodist Church. The lady that sang the song, “Sleep, my baby,” it was fantastic. I have that in my head continuously now. Thank you so much, all of you did a great, great job.

Et tu, Brute?

I always said you could learn something from history. One hundred and fifty-nine years ago, John Wilkes Booth’s last words were, “Useless, useless.” He must have been seeing into the future when it comes to our own two U.S. senators from Pennsylvania, they are useless! And Toomey for voting against Trump. I am now voting for Mickey Mouse. Find a new job. And the 12 Republican senators who voted against Trump, I refer to those as the Cassius, Brutus, backstabbing senators. Trump should throw them to the dogs.

Spirits lifted

Yes, “Born For This” was fantastic on Sunday. Thank you so much to the crew, you did a wonderful job, and keeping bringing the Lord out into the public, because that’s what we need. “Born For This” expresses that impression of our Lord. Thank you all so much to “Lift Your Spirits,” “Born For This.” Keep coming in our area.

Give her the boot

This is in response to the Sound Off call “Listen For Yourself.” This caller said Ilhan Omar has not said the things she said. This person thinks Omar is getting a bum rap. Well, if you look at the videos of what she actually said, what she did to Ambassador Abrams, what she said about the Jews, and, in fact, I saw a video where she was asked how does President Trump compare to former president Obama. She said Obama is a human being and President Trump is not a human being. So, she’s getting a bum rap? I think she should get a bum boot, like a size 12, out the door!

Giant of a deal

I was wondering why the gas prices are so high again in the coal region? It’s $2.75 and over at Giant in Danville, you can get it for $2.51. And if you have a Giant card, you can get 10 cents off of that. So what’s the deal?

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