Mind your business

To the concerned citizen who called sound off wondering why I went to the Shamokin City Council meeting and said I didn’t have any business going there: I went to the public meeting to donate $500 for two garbage cans for the City of Shamokin. If you have such a concern, maybe you should do the same.

Buddy, buddy

I remember when three of the “newer” board members voted to get rid of Zack. They had the right idea. Maybe some of the “older” members should start listening to them and vote in the best interest of the taxpayers, students and staff instead of voting for their buddies.

Old king coal

Lying Donald promised he would revive the coal industry. After over two years in office we have seen a steady decline in coal production. The Trump administration reported that coal production will drop 8 percent this year. Renewal energy generation is on the rise with coal now only generating 25 percent of electric power in the U.S. With renewable energy becoming cheaper, coal production will continue to decline. People must accept that king coal is dying, and the quicker it is dead the better off the world environment will be. Joe’s take: Maybe king coal is being killed in the U.S., but what about places like China? It’s not being killed there. So much for the world environment.

Lie and hide

It’s tax time and we all know the saying: “People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing.” Well, that certainly does not apply to Trump and his tax returns. Why won’t he release his tax returns? Simple answer: lie and hide.

Border builders

Has there been a discussion yet concerning what types of materials will be used when we extend the wall through the Gulf region and the Florida coast? After all, this is part of our southern border. They do make boats that can be driven at night. They also offer a large cargo area for smuggling drugs and the dangerous illegals. But Trump probably wouldn’t want them passing close to his resort.

Illegal citizens

Just wondering how many of those busted in Milton are here illegally? I hope Milton is not a sanctuary city. Until our border is secure this will only continue. I am sure the libs will disagree. After all, the supposed innocent illegals are only looking for a better life. Congress is a joke. Joe’s take: I don’t think Milton is a sanctuary city, caller. However, most of those arrested were, according to the story, from Puerto Rico — a U.S. territory.

Thank you

I just want to say thank you to the family who bought us lunch today at Maurer’s Dairy. My husband and I were there and they stopped and said thank you to my husband for being a veteran. After they were gone, the manager came over to us and said the family that was in the back of the store paid for your lunch. I just take this means of saying thank you, you were just so wonderful for remembering to honor my husband, as a veteran, and also for buying our lunch. God bless you.

Ticket to ride

Where do I buy a pass to ride my ATV down here in Tharptown? I see that they’re driving through the water company and making really nice trails that come out through Kelley Drive. I was wondering how I can get a piece of the action so I could drive through the woods down there? I thought that was all supposed to be trespass? Seems funny no one cares.

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