Safe in Washington

We, the citizens, have been shot in schools, churches, synagogues, nightclubs, movies and concerts. The one place no guns are allowed is in Congress. They remain safe while the rest of us are at risk. Don’t we have a right not to be shot, too?

GOP ban

California and New York are both run by the Democratic Party. San Francisco, for instance, is so bad the people are sleeping on the street and there’s a lot of diseases that haven’t popped up for 150 years. Now in New York, you got that Cortez, Schumer and that gang and that Nadler, terrible. They’re the highest taxes in the land and they try to silence anyone that’s a Republican. It’s ridiculous.


This country is starting to be just like a communist country. The Democrats are stacking votes with these new people coming in and pretty soon they’re gonna say, OK, we’re gonna give them the right to vote. And then they’ll only be one party. And if that’s the case, one party that they say whatever they want, then we are a communist state. And silence people by threatening them or beating them up, definitely a communist nation.

Dunkin’ dilemma

In reference to the Sound Off that makes mention about the traffic at the Dunkin’ Donuts: Have you ever looked at the other Dunkin Donuts? I don’t know who is in charge of laying out these parking lots, and the drive around there, it’s like they’re on drugs or something. I mean, go look at the Bloomsburg Dunkin’ Donuts, look at some of the other Dunkin’ Donuts. Every one is horrible; every one has traffic problems. And it seems like every Dunkin’ Donuts has problems. So it must be something corporate.

Sounding off

1. We should be eliminating property taxes, not reassessing them. 2. Didn’t the first church with electric lights burn down, and that is just the site where it stood? 3. Judicial dictatorship? No, the problem is the supreme executive wanting to operate without proper checks. Also, regarding of the perceived decline of America. America goes a trillion dollars in debt every year to prop up an economy which is tearing buildings down en mass. Countries we owe billions to have cranes bulling new cities above roads without potholes. You do the math. Joe’s take: I believe the fire at St. Edward’s in April 1971 destroyed the interior of the church, roof, steeple, etc., but the exterior of the building remained since it was stone. As for the “countries” we owe money to, I can only think of one: China. And as for property taxes, yeah, I ditto that one.

Art of noise

As if there isn’t enough noise in this city in the evenings, now they want to wave a noise ordinance just for three businesses who should have checked out the laws before building their garage door noise outlets. I happen to live by one of them and I don’t want to hear their crap all night. If anything, they should enforce the ordinance they have instead of waving it for a select few.


This is the Shamokin Area High School cheerleading coach responding to the Walmart complaint. I apologize on behalf of the girls that were acting “childish” in Walmart, however, I tend to pick my battles with regard to disciplinary action. I personally seen the video taken of the girls doing the hula hoop in the aisle and acting like teenage girls, and I think its unfortunate that five minutes of kids having wholesome fun is being treated as a negative action. But, if I must read about my girls in the newspaper, I’d much rather it be in the Sound Off “opinion” section and not the police blotter. Once again, I am sorry on their behalf. Joe’s take: They were only playing with a hula hoop? I got the impression from the caller that they were fighting with customers, management or each other. Hula on, girls!

Draft-dodging hippie

Trump gave a nice speech at the D-Day commemoration. Draft-dodger Trump talked about the sacrifices made by our soldiers. He talked about the allies who worked together to win the war but has criticized and attacked allied leaders since the day he became president. Trump talked about the murderous dictator Adolf Hitler, but continuously compliments murderous dictators from North Korea, Russia and around the world. He spoke of Nazi crimes against Jews, yet he said the Neo-Nazis marching in Charlottesville chanting, “We will not be replace by Jews,” were “fine people.” Trump’s Normandy speech was just empty words. Joe’s take: Let’s not forget the other “draft-dodgers” such as Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Bernie Sanders. Trump had bone spurs in his heels and was given a medical deferment by the military — nothing unusual during the Vietnam War.

Buzz off, PLCB

If those who live near the bars with the open garage doors are OK with it, what business is it of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board what we do here in coal town? What is the PLCB going to do? Send in the state police to enforce their stupid law? Well, go ahead, the state police won’t be able to hear a thing over all of the loud trucks and bikers because apparently state law forbids enforcement of sensible exhaust rules. Those with the exhaust fart cans are the ones turning this town in to a ghetto, not a few bars giving away free music. What benefit to the public is exhaust noise? Get a grip Harrisburg — or buzz off!

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