Safety last

Kulpmont does not need more safety fines. Not a single driver has been fined for not yielding to a pedestrian, nor having individuals who park directly in front of garages, both are against the traffic laws of Pennsylvania. However, the mayor refuses to hold the police chief accountable for non-enforcement. Our mayor made a mess of a Christmas decorating contest. He is incapable of insuring for the safety of residents. Forrest Gump said, “You just can’t fix stupid.”

No mayor

Could somebody tell me why Coal Township don’t have a mayor? Mount Carmel has it, Kulpmont has it. Why doesn’t Coal Township have a mayor? When something isn’t done by the Coal Township Police Department, then we could take our problems to the mayor and maybe we could get some help. Editor: Boroughs and cities have mayors. Townships do not. It’s just the law of the land, unless the land is under home rule, in which case you could legally refer to your municipality as Gilligan’s island, I suppose. So, yes, it’s tough that there’s no mayor to oversee the police department. But, there’s a bright side. Out of the approximately 1,546 townships in Pennsylvania (by far the most common type of municipality), only about 214 of them have police departments. So feel lucky, even without the mayor!

Paint can disposal

I would like to know if anyone has information on recycling paint and old paint cans? I would appreciate something in Sound Off.

Pool filling

Tell the poor, misinformed residents of Kulpmont the East End Fire Association doesn’t need to fill pools to fundraise. The residents of this borough foot the whole bill, beside any grants they get for this hangout. This is unheard of anywhere else. No fundraising needed here to loaf 80% of the time. They tell council what they want and this council approves it, so you are paying for your fire protection because of council’s generosity with our cash.

Latorre no more

Latorre no more. As I sit and read your article today in Sound Off about Cheryl Latorre coming and being the savior for the Mount Carmel Area School District, it makes me sick. I believe it was Ms. Latorre that created the overabundance and fluff of the staffing and administration at the Mount Carmel Area School District. I see where there’s only 80-some student that have graduated this year. All these administration positions and the corruption that was swept under the rug while Ms. Latorre’s duties were in Mount Carmel is ridiculous. This is why the school district is in the pathetic shape it’s in. Latorre no more.

School taxes

You know what? I agree with all the calls in Sound Off about the Mount Carmel Area School District, and the amount of money and waste that’s there just to graduate 82 students. The amount of taxes my wife and I pay, school taxes on our property, has been ridiculous. Over the years, I think we paid $45,000 in taxes. My opinion is this: Let’s get rid of Bernie Stellar and bring somebody else in from out of the area to manage this place. Number two, I think anybody over age 65 should be paying school taxes, especially with the amount of waste going on with this school district.

Robber barons

I found it interesting when a recent Sound Off stated it was the robber barons, through their great generosity and compassion, who opened all the hospitals to care for the needy. Were these humanitarians the mine owners who raped the land and cared more for a mule than a 10-year-old breaker boy, the Depression-era bankers who foreclosed on the unemployed, or maybe the company bosses who hired thugs to fire on unarmed strikers trying to get a living wage? Also, how’s the weather in your alternate universe?

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