Ranked choice

To all of the anti-Trump callers, you are not convincing anyone, especially with the name-calling. With “winner-take-all” voting, the alternative was at least as deplorable an option, so nothing you can say matters. You might need to shake up your media diet to see that Hillary was no prize, either. We need ranked choice voting like Maine, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, etc., so we can vote for who we really want, not the dredgings we are left with.


The Mueller investigation thus far has resulted in five guilty pleas and 33 indictments. Remember one thing: Indictments are from independent citizens who review the evidence and then initiate these legal procedures. They are not politicians who make these decisions. This investigation is not a “witch-hunt” but a pipeline to “drain the Washington, D.C., swamp” of the crooks, swindlers and scoundrels in this Republican administration.

Stinky stocking

Christmas morning I opened my national Christmas stocking hoping to get the things that Trump promised during his election campaign: release of his tax returns; improved health care plan; reduction of the national debt; balanced budget; improved infrastructure; will work and not take vacation, etc. What did I get? Oh, no it’s just a lump of coal in the form of a government shutdown! We were good all year. What happened?


Trump shut down our government to get $5 billion for his border wall, a wall that he promised Mexico would pay for. Trump now says his big, beautiful wall will be constructed of metal slats. That is not a wall but a fence. Is this going to stop an enterprising immigrant with rope or a cutting torch? Of course not. Trump’s wall has always been just a political stunt. The $5 billion would be better spent for education, health care or job creation.

Wiz kid

Hard working, knowledgeable people are generally promoted in the workplace. However, when so called “wiz kids” become high level managers, like Trump becoming president without any knowledge of how to function within the government, the morale and productivity of the employees and operations become dysfunctional. It’s certainly time to change top-level management before our democracy is destroyed.

Liar, liar

Trump made his first visit to a combat zone to lie to our troops. In Iraq, Trump told the troops he gave them their first pay raise in 10 years. Lie. Trump told them the raise was 10 percent. An even bigger lie. Don’t you think soldiers know how much they receive in their paychecks? Everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth is a lie.

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