Lewisburg gas

I just came through Lewisburg — $2.39 for gas. Shamokin, $2.87, what a ripoff. Of course, I did fill up, and the only time I’m getting gas in Shamokin is if I run out. What a ripoff!

Woman beater

Yes, another woman beater has found his way to the Trump administration. So much for background checks.

Terrible traffic

I’m calling about the traffic at Dunkin’ Donuts in Shamokin. I see nothing is being done about it. It’s terrible, terrible, terrible. I think the mayor needs to get involved or the police or something. Maybe they could have signs posted with the drive-thru if only allowed to come through the alley, which would be a lot safer.

Know nothings

You know the problem with Trump supporters? They don’t know the truth from a lie.

Let’s get building

I read in Tuesday morning’s News-Item that the study for the hotel sites in this area have been completed and two sites have been chosen — some place in Natalie and the old Walnut Towers. I think this is a really great idea for our area and I think it will be an economic boon to this area. I hope it happens fast and happens soon. I always thought that, perhaps, the Big-N site, there’s two open areas down there that’s close to Shamokin, had access onto 61 and plenty of parking. I thought those sites would have been a very good area to put a hotel, but apparently the study did the best they could; that’s fine with me. Let’s get it going and going as fast as we can. Congratulations!


You know, I find it great that the Habitat for Humanity people finally got to move into their house. What I find disgusting, is that the Borough of Mount Carmel, including the mayor and his wife, who’s running for council, couldn’t find it in their time, or in their hearts, to do anything for them, like give them a welcome basket, or any of the businesses couldn’t donate to them. They’re just a young couple starting out. I find it grateful that private citizens of Mount Carmel were able to donate to them. But the borough and the private businesses could donate to them. What a disgusting town.

Be nice, Trump

We, as Americans, can at the very, very least expect a president who is minimally polite.

Future farmer

This is for the man who wants to have chickens in Mount Carmel Township: If he wants to have chickens, tell him to go buy a farm.

Ritchie Rich schools

Because non-public schools are often smaller and enrollment is often very difficult, if not impossible to attain, private schools have become quite expensive. So expensive that often the only parents who can afford to send their children there are the very wealthy. Not only that, many of these schools would choose to disqualify/discourage students with certain socio-economic backgrounds from attending and not admit them, unless they are superior students or athletes. Making all people help fund these schools will make some parents help pay to send the wealthy to schools that don’t want their own children to attend. And that is wrong.

Thanks, sups

I just want to say that I feel the Mount Carmel Township Supervisors are doing well for what they have to work with. The township tax rate is low and there has not been a county reassessment since 1972. Over half of our tax money goes for police protection. After paying for snow removal, general maintenance etc., there is not much left over for expensive road paving. If taxes are raised for paving everyone would be complaining. Township supervisor is a thankless job, those in office are doing the best they can. I, for one, appreciate their service.

Hate to admit

I hate to admit it, but I tend to agree with the caller about Knoebels.

My money?

Was that $20,000 dollars spent for that hotel study public money? Editor: No, it was funded by the Susquehanna River Valley Visitors Bureau and the Northumberland County Industrial Development Corporation, both of which are private entities.

Trillions spent

With an 18-year war in Afghanistan, and 16 years of war in Iraq, which cost trillions and thousands of lives, we must learn our lesson. The Vietnam War was based on a lie, as was the war in Iraq. Dear Lord, please let’s not do it again. How many highways and bridges could have been built with those trillions?

Dogs aren’t people, too

This is in regard to the lady concerned about the puppy not getting any water. Two things to say to her: Get a life and mind your own business. Would you feel the same way if this was child? Also, dogs are not human beings, they’re animals — should not be mistreated, but again, they’re not human beings. Get a life.

Doing good

I’m calling about the story in the paper today about the person from Natalie putting down Knoebels. I thought that was the rudest statement ever. Knoebels does good for everybody. First of all, the kids love working there. Secondly, the elderly love working there; they’re not slaves. Third, they are not overpriced, and it’s never too crowded to enjoy yourself. It’s people like that who can’t enjoy theirselves. But they’re mad because Natalie’s the way they are. Well, Knoebels didn’t set them up in Natalie, that’s their fault, not Knoebels. My opinion is, Knoebels does great for everybody. Fun, food and happiness.

Other streets, too

The street in Shady Acres isn’t the only street Mount Carmel Township needs to repair. Third Street by Boyer’s Market is a nightmare, especially after heavy rain and snow. It’s been like this for years; what are they waiting for. It isn’t like they don’t have the money.

Not a game changer

So Mount Carmel supervisors tells this group of frustrated Shady Acres residents that one of the game changers is a new subdivision possibly going in across the street from Beech Drive, and it would not be logical to pave the road and tear it up for laterals. My question is this, when is the subdivision going in? Second question is, what if somebody buys one or two lots and says, “Well, I’m gonna sit on them for 10 years and give them to my kids.” Or a homeowner buys the lot and says, “I’m not gonna build on it for three years.” What are those residents of Shady Acres supposed to do? Wait three years, five years, for those until that road is repaired? I’ve driven through there a few times and the road is in terrible shape, and I think that was a terrible answer. And in response to one of the supervisors answers say, “We’re not dragging our feet on this project.” No roads were paved within the township last year. What does that mean? Nothing is being done, period.

Knoebels/Natalie connection?

Hey, Exploited Masses, did you not forget that Knoebels is the biggest employer in the area? And secondly, I don’t believe they have anything to do with the roads in Natalie. Where Natalie spends its tax money is on them, not on Knoebels. I think you need to look at facts before you go on your incoherent rants. If it wasn’t for Knoebels, a lot of people in the area, including disabled and veterans, wouldn’t have jobs. Wise up.

Donald duped

The leaders of Russia, North Korea, China and other foreign countries know the president is easily duped, and he lacks the underpinnings of knowledge to make serious decisions.

Lawn mower man

Please city street department, consider this: When lawn mowing on Market Street, alternate where you start. One week, start at the top, next week, start at the bottom. That way, you give the people at the lower end some time to sleep later.

Cry for help

Will someone, please, educate Rep. Cortez from New York? Now she is claiming that detention centers on our southern border are just as bad as the Nazi concentration camps. This woman is crying out for help. Will some one, please, read a history book to her? Take her to Auschwitz. Show her. She’s a representative in Congress and the woman is as dumb as a stump.

Connorsville roads

I’d like to complain about the all roads in Connorsville. It’s a disgrace with the supervisors we have in there. I think it’s time they need to resign, and we need new supervisors.

Dope smoking hippies

I’m so sick of these degenerates moving into town. On my block, the one house has eight adults living there with six vehicles with North Carolina plates. No one works, all they do is sit on their porch blasting music and smoking pot. Don’t waste your time calling the police, no one ever shows up. These imports have no respect for the neighborhoods.


The problem with Mount Carmel Area School District is it’s sports-minded, sports-orientation. Everything’s football, football, football. Let’s get back to the classroom, let’s have these students learn, let’s have motivational teachers and forget about these sports that take them nowhere. Let them get their exercise in gym class.

Bashing and bullying

Please stop bashing Kulpmont. Kulpmont is finally turning the corner of revitalization and combatting blight. I have family members who want to move into town but cannot because homes for rent and sale goes so quickly. I cannot put this on Facebook because every positive comment you put down you get bullied.

Safety last

Kulpmont does not need more safety fines. Not a single driver has been fined for not yielding to a pedestrian, nor having individuals who park directly in front of garages, both are against the traffic laws of Pennsylvania. However, the mayor refuses to hold the police chief accountable for non-enforcement. Our mayor made a mess of a Christmas decorating contest. He is incapable of insuring for the safety of residents. Forrest Gump said, “You just can’t fix stupid.”

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