Sick shell game

I am heartbroken over this idiocy with the priests in the Harrisburg Diocese. I have belonged to Our Lady’s Church my entire life and when I look at the number of priests that were there ... Why would they keep switching them from one parish to another and not do anything about these people?

Put up a parking lot

I can see it now. The Episcopal church is torn down and it becomes a parking lot for the fire company. Just what Shamokin needs. Another parking lot.

After forever

Why is it that all these priests have been accused after their death when they can’t defend against the accusations made against them? It is ridiculous. And I am Catholic.


I’m glad they have no-kill shelters for animals. I, like many others, donate to these places. Many people would love to give these loving animals homes. One problem — the vet. When you have an emergency there is no clinic to take them to. First thing out of their mouth is money up front, and if you don’t have it the animal suffers. I wish there was a place you could take them when they’re sick and not have to worry about money up front.

Life in jeopardy

Driving on Fir Street in Kulpmont, you cannot make a right turn onto Sixth without putting your life in jeopardy because of the ever-growing junkyard on the corner. Where is the code enforcement officer?

Too many

So our dear governor has decided to form a committee to review problems with the LGBTQ community. That’s all well and good, except that the committee is made up of 40 members. Have you ever tried to get five people to agree with any proposal let alone 40 people? I can foresee this group not getting anything significant done. I think this was just another way for Gov. Wolf to pander to the gay community since an election is on the horizon.

How to handle a rope

This quote by Vladimir Lenin is documented in many history books: “The capitalist will sell us a rope with which we will hang them.” How true this is today. The Russians are using technology instead of a rope and interfering with our government. We need to replace many of the Republicans who are attempting to lead us in a direction contrary to our democracy. If not accomplished, Lenin’s prediction will be accurate.

Majority rule

A Wall Street Journal poll reported that the overwhelming majority of Americans, 71 percent, support Roe v. Wade. Even a majority of Republicans, 52 percent, are in favor of this Supreme Court decision. Republicans do not care about the democratic principle of majority rule. They will force their anti-abortion views down our throats just like they have forced their opposition to reasonable gun control on this country.

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