United humbug

Unite by love? Read the Attorney General’s report or turn on the U.S. evening news. A priest rapes a young girl and forces her to have an abortion and pays the family off. Guess where your Lenten appeal money is going.


Trump wants to create a new segment in government named “Space Force.” Whatever happened to NASA? I can visualize a huge “Space Force” balloon with Trump in the cockpit flying down Pennsylvania Avenue. A few blocks away are homeless vets and VA hospitals in need of equipment and repair.

Zero tolerance

The Catholic Church told us they instituted a no-tolerance policy for predator priest. If that is the case, why was a major investigation necessary to expose that there were more than 300 pedophile priests in Pennsylvania? Now, most of these priests are dead or too old to prosecute. Our Catholic Bishops and their accomplices achieved their goal of keeping their pedophile friends out of jail.

To tell the truth

Trump and his minions want the Russian investigation to end. If Trump has done nothing wrong as he so often says, he should just meet with Mueller and tell the truth. Trump is refusing to be questioned because he is afraid. Trump knows if he tells the truth it is a confession to a crime, and if he lies it is perjury.

Try Petco

To the people looking for low-cost vet care, also in addition to Danville SPCA, try Petco at the Bloomsburg Plaza. They have a clinic something like every second Saturday.

Worldwide trouble

I wonder if there is any evidence about the latest church sex scandal if it is worldwide or not?

Fox in the henhouse

Experts tell us that each pedophile has approximately 100 victims. There are many more than the reported 1,000 victims. The coal region people were known to be devout believers who were extremely respectful to the clergy. Our cultural attitude made us sitting ducks. The diocese hid their abusers here.

New Nazis

Let’s talk Nazis. Antifa are the new Nazis. Look at them on Sunday in Washington, D.C.

NFL stance

The only acceptable stance for NFL players during the national anthem is standing with their right hands over their hearts and holding their helmets under their left arm.

Valued democracy

Hopefully, our country will never be controlled by Nicole’s socialist and people like you. We do have a valued democracy and we want to keep it that way.

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It is obvious that ALL bishops knew of the long ongoing coverup of abusive priests. Bishop Gainer knew of it long before he came to our diocese. It is also obvious that Gainer is getting caught in lies. I don't buy his excuses of only being in our diocese for a few years and doing all that he can to prevent these priests from causing further harm. He didn't reveal Pease and his actions. Doing all that he could under Canon law is just another excuse. Had the report not come out, the abuse would have continued forever. His job, as well as that of all the other bishops, was to cover it up long enough to get to the statute of limitations to avoid convictions. They ALL knew what was going on, now they seek forgiveness???? They are all guilty by reason of association. Knowingly allowing these attrocities to continue for so long makes them ALL guilty. Covering up these crimes shouldn't fall under the statute of limitations. ALL these bishops knew what was going on. I encourage the Attorney General to prosecute them all to the fullest extent of the law. Anyone else would have been.

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