Protect the businesses

If I were a business in Kulpmont and I couldn’t have my business protected by the police or town council, I would move my business to another community, one that appreciates the revenue. Shame on town council, shame on the Kulpmont police.

The great wall

Wow! Trump just announced he will seek $8.6 billion dollars in his budget for building additional sections of a border wall with Mexico. This is in addition to the $6.5 billion he is re-directing from military construction and disaster relief funds. Total: $15 billion for “The Great Wall of Trump.” Absolutely ridiculous!

Loving history

“Democrats describe socialism as government helping in ways that private interests will not.” I guess the Teen Challenge complex on Snydertown Road, which was originally an Independent Order of the Odd Fellows orphanage, which would probably cost $30 million to build today, doesn’t exist? You don’t see such philanthropy today because people are too broke from much higher tax rates — plus politicians like to take the credit for “giving.” I don’t love socialism, Mr. Strausser.

Nuclear mismanagement

Let’s review here. The socialists in Harrisburg want to prop up the nuclear energy industry in our commonwealth. The very same industry that generated profits and rewarded its stockholders accordingly. The true definition of American capitalism at its finest. But it’s 2019 and the taxpayers must bail out the train wreck created by mismanagement. Hilarious.


A Saturday night comedian calls a singer that has serious allegations a “monster.” The comedian then alludes that “supporters of the Catholic Church” are like supporters of the singer. In my opinion, this sounds like the comedian is alluding to Catholics that go to church or financially support the Church. The comedian then went on to say the singer has better music than the church. This country has a history of anti-Catholic bigotry. It is a shame that this is tolerated.

Not so intelligent

Intelligence photos show that North Korea started building long-range nuclear missile launch sites forty-eight hours after Trump’s big summit with Kim Jong Un. Trump’s publicity stunt summit meetings have given his new North Korean friend Kim recognition and status on the world stage. Trump also canceled the annual joint U.S. and South Korea military training, which North Korea has wanted stopped for a long time. What did our great deal maker get in return? Absolutely nothing.

Sick of it

I see Jim Zack is getting the taxpayers again. Way to go. One hundred twenty-seven thousand dollars and all these perks. Us taxpayers are getting sick of it.

Over and over

In light of all the anti-Trump propaganda in Sound Off almost daily, I called in over the last week or so five pro-Trump comments and none of which have been printed. I am a 39-year subscriber to your newspaper but I guarantee if I can’t get a comment in Sound Off it won’t be 40 and don’t hand me that nonsense about not all calls get in because it seems like none of mine get in. Frog’s take: Oh, put a lid on it. You have had more than your fair share of calls get in over the years.

Armageddon it

To the caller in love with Iran, Russia has a treaty with Iran giving them access to the Middle East when they both invade the holy land. That is not Armageddon. In the meantime, I have some ocean front property between Coal Run and Sagon to sell this caller.

Great Red Tornado

I am calling about the football player that was in the obituaries this week. He played for Mount Carmel in the 1950s and Coach Jazz Diminick said he was the best tight end that ever came out of Mount Carmel. Too bad he wasn’t inducted into the hall of fame.

Neverland nightmare

We should all thank Oprah Winfrey for exposing Michael Jackson as the child molesting pervert that he was. Maybe now it is time to ban all Michael Jackson music from radio and TV just like they are tearing down the Confederate statues. Frog’s take: Fine by me. I’ve had a belly full of him over my lifetime.

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