Hang up your hat

Shamokin Area transition administrator Jim Zack should resign and allow Mr. Venna to do the job he was hired to do.

The return of Shicky’s?

I was wondering if anyone has any update on Shicky’s Wings ‘N Things reopening in Mount Carmel? I’m sure other people like me have gift cards for this place. It’s been a few months since the fire. What are we supposed to do with these gift cards?

What a joke

AOAA on the streets all the time? That’s a front page story? It should be in the comics section.

Why ATVs?

Obviously, these people are coming from all over — Maryland, New Jersey, etc. — in regular on-road vehicles. Why don’t they come into town in their on-road vehicles and leave their off-road vehicles at the AOAA? Makes sense.

Paying twice

I’d like to know if the school board members who voted to have two superintendents at $246,000 live in Coal Township? Who is going to pay for this? We’re in a poverty-stricken area where all the kids are on free lunch. It’s ridiculous. Drain the swamp.

National news bias

Jeers to The News-Item for perpetuating lies about Trump and hiding behind AP and Washington Post garbage pieces. Maybe you can have some objective journalism from now on and stop buying into a liberal hoax.

Speed cleaning

Thanks to the street department in Shamokin. They went by the house 12 times today and the street looks great. They were going so fast it blew all the dirt up the street. They’re doing a great job — just wanted to thank them.

Yearbook issues

I just heard on the news that Line Mountain School District will not allow a memorial in the yearbook for a student that committed suicide. I cannot believe the school board. That student’s life is precious. It’s equal to any other student’s life. Yes, he had a tragic self-inflicted death, but you are more than the way that you die. It’s just ridiculous and I’m glad I have nothing to do with Line Mountain.

Frog does it again

Frog, you people at The News-Item, or whoever, think the guys from the AOAA are so wonderful riding down into town here. Well, that’s all great helping give area businesses some business. But you know, having them coming down here all the time — that is never going to work. Someone will get hurt and get hit by a vehicle with the way some of them drive around here.

Healthcare thoughts

Donald Trump was saying that he’s going to have a better healthcare plan than Obamacare. He’s been saying that for two years now. He wants to take away the healthcare plan and he still hasn’t got anything to replace it. Remember this — it’s your family that’s being jeopardized. It’s your family that will be hurting, and you can only blame it on yourselves.

Hey, Joe

Hey, Joe, in Sound Off on March 28 you said, and I quote, “Whether you find it sickening or not, it’s someone else’s opinion and as long as there’s a Sound Off, we’ll print it.” Well, then, why didn’t you print my opinion on daylight savings time? Editor: There’s a ton of reasons why some calls do not make it to the paper. We receive about 50 calls every two days. If your opinion does not make it, we recommend trying again with a different approach.

Return to normalcy

To those of you who keep wishing for everything to become normal again: Remember, it was the normal world that produced the man in the White House and all of his followers. Joe’s take: And all of the actors in the other party, too.

Shop around

Mount Carmel citizens are great people. They are not being well served by their council on this new building. Go into huge debt for many years? Revitalize downtown? Come on! The idea that the new building will cost the same as they are now paying is dumb. Go to a cheaper building. Mount Carmel is full of empty buildings.

AOAA bad

To the AOAA: The off-road vehicles should not be on the streets. Only on a parade from the AOAA grounds and back to the AOAA grounds. If they come into town they should use their licensed vehicles.


How many Russians does it take to make Hilary Clinton lose an election? Answer: None.

Ballot mixup

Concerning the school board members at Line Mountain that weren’t responsible enough to get on the ballot in time and then made the statement that they tend to run as write ins: Your integrity and responsibility shows up front, therefore, I don’t think any of you are fit for office. Maybe the job might not be for you? Hopefully, some good people will clean out the herd of bad decisions that have occurred for some time.

Plaza potholes

Here we go again! Come shop at the Plaza at Coal Township; the plaza with holes in its driveway as big as the Grand Canyon. Please come ruin your cars and shop at our stores so we can make giant holes that your whole car falls into. What a joke!

Tie the knot

I fail to understand why that teacher from Lourdes does not want to marry her boyfriend. What gives?

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