What a powerful letter to the editor Richard Kimball wrote! My thoughts exactly. When anyone asks me who I’m voting for, I tell them I’m voting for God because He’s the only one who can clean up this rotten mess that this world is in. Please put this as a follow-up to Mr. Kimball’s letter to the editor. While we’re at it, my opinion about Sound Off call space? Take the whole page for Sound Off — I love it! And maybe more of my calls would get printed instead of this political and sports crap that’s on all the time. There’s more to life than politics and sports already. Thanks ... but I know this will go right over your head, like zoom!

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Coal Country 1 - BRAVO...


To Vote :: you are sadly misinformed !!


To God Help Us All: you are concerned the Democrats are going to start using euthanasia. Well, they are too late as The Trump COVID Pandemic has done a really good job of wiping out our elderly. What’s the current count? 42 dead at Mountain View? Wake up!


Coal Country 1 : EXACTLY !!!

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