Entertainment to blame

The entertainment industry shares in the responsibility for these mass shootings. Video games (played mostly by young male adults and men) in which the goal is killing people on the screen and the shoot them up, kill them, blood-and-guts movies made for the same male audiences. It would be interesting to me to know if the Texas killer and Ohio killer were fans of these two things.

All wet

How is it that the recent downpours filled the storm run-off pond at Aldi’s to the top, but the pond for the plaza next door and the pond at Walmart were empty? The run-off from the rains of the other day are precisely what those ponds are designed to take care of. There is no possible way they are functioning as intended.

Wait awhile

Dear Mr. President: In this time of tragedy, please, don’t say a word. Don’t send useless thoughts and prayers. Don’t rally your crazy base. Don’t blame everyone else. For once, don’t make things worse, and keep your ignorant, hate-spewing mouth shut. And to all the gun nuts, NRA apologists, Second Amendment freaks and Trump zombies: Maybe you could show some respect this time by being quiet and not acting like you’re the victims, at least until after the funerals.


On the recommendation of a caller, I went to YouTube to look for anti-semitic comments from Ilham Omar. I found her saying, “I can’t ever speak of Islamophobia, and fight for Muslims, if I am not willing to fight against antisemitism.” If that is anti-semitic, she’s doing it wrong. Perhaps it is the caller who should give up watching Fox. I do not watch CNN or MSNBC. It’s all fake news, like what the caller believes about Rep. Omar.

Forget the Constitution and its amendments

With witness/survivors (hopefully) of mass shootings, there is no need for a trial. The killer should be hung in a public square ASAP.

Last try

I am making one last attempt to send in my opinion. I have done this several times, I agree with the person that believes someone picks and chooses what is put in. My comments never seem to make the cut. I am hoping the housing authority board is going to follow through and do a forensic audit to review the books. I am glad that Mr. Clausi was at this meeting because he will not let it slide. Ron Miller, if nothing else, is an embarrassment to Shamokin. Contractors don’t want to work with him, He certainly is not professional as Mr. Getchey stated. He is nasty to his employees and treats the people that he is supposed to be helping like dirt. Someone, if nothing else, he should be forced to treat all people better. A few days later, Sound Off made it a point to print comments regarding Mr. Getchey, comparing him to Miller regarding professionalism. Tit for tat. No one can compare to Ron Miller.

Fantastic food

Hats off to the cooks at the Holy Angel’s Picnic! The food was fantastic. The torpedoes and haluski were just like my Italian and Polish grandmothers. It’s great to see some traditional, coal region, family recipes have not been lost. Well done, picnic cooks!

Be gone, ducks!

This is Walt Lutz. A huge thank-you to Councilman Fanella. The quagmire east of Holy Angels picnic grounds has finally been properly graded and made useful. Less than a day after torrential rains, nearly 100 cars were able to park on what used to be a duck pond. Ducks will have to go elsewhere.

New moniker

Republican leader Mitch McConnell blocked bipartisan legislation to require presidential campaigns to report any offers of assistance from agents of foreign governments. Really? Why would any patriotic American object to that? McConnell, with the support of Trump, has blocked every bipartisan proposals to protect our election. McConnell has earned his new moniker: Moscow Mitch.

Credit is due

I’ll tell you what, we are definitely blessed in this area to have a policeman like Ray Siko. It seems whenever there is something frightening going on like fires or shootings or whatever have you, he is there to help. Not that the other police don’t do a great job, but he seems to dive right in to help. And, no, I’m not related to Mr. Siko, just appreciative of the work he does.

My opinion

It’s funny how some folks are trying to advocate for Mr. Dick. No matter what he has done in the past as an athlete or a soldier, he is not the wonderful person you try to paint a delusional picture of, he is still a horrible person not deserving of any inductions or awards. Sometimes a person’s evil actions far outweigh the good.

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Wait a while, why is everyone blaming Trump???? I am to the point that I believe that anything that goes wrong in this country is going to be his fault. Fault the media, fault the lust for violent video games and movies our young people are playing and watching. I see little ones walking thru traffic not even looking up from their phones. Fault mental illness. Fault social media and the quest for perfection. Fault the lack of any education in public schools teaching morals and ethics. Fault the parents for not doing their job and teach them to bully. I cant wait to see who they will blame if Trump doesn't win in 2020. Then who will they blame? I also cant wait for these stupid night shows and and Bill Maher. How will they live? I say take a look in the mirror then point the finger.

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