Agents of fortune

For the first time in history, the president of the United States is being investigated for possibly being a foreign agent. When the results of the investigation are made public, the name Donald Trump will replace the term Benedict Arnold as a synonym for traitor.


When will the Trump supporters realize they idolize a flim-flam artist who is destroying this country? What makes them so gullible they continue to support this tycoon? Our founding fathers established a system to protect us from the internal threats of such wannabe tyrants. However, they were dependent on citizens to be vigilant about such threats by keeping ourselves informed and by exercising some skepticism towards false idols.

Orange you glad

Judging by his tanning booth-damaged skin, Trump really likes orange. Lucky for him since he’ll be wearing a jumpsuit in that color very soon.

Undercover boss

Donald Trump met with Vladimir Putin five times and there is no documentation of what transpired. Why wouldn’t Trump even allow a close, trusted staff member in the room when he was meeting with the Russian dictator? The most logical explanation is that comrade Trump must have been receiving secret orders from his boss Putin.


Trump states “thousands of terrorists and tons of illegal drugs” flood across the unprotected border. Evidence shows six potential terrorists and 90 percent of drugs come through legal ports of entry. The Democrats want common sense solutions: some fencing, better technology at entry ports, airports, harbors and along the border. A physical wall of concrete or steel is not the solution.

Cheer away

I can’t even believe what I just read in Sound Off about the cheerleaders. Are you kidding me? If you’re so worried about someone cheering your kid on, then suit up and cheer away.


I wish the whole world would join me in prayers for Mrs. Ginsburg, RBG. Keep her healthy and strong. We don’t need another disgraceful Kavanaugh circus.

Walled in

I get tired of hearing from all these so-called religious people about building a wall. I would like one of them to show me anywhere in the Bible where the good Lord says build a wall. I don’t know what these people are talking about.

Act of kindness

To the person who paid for mine and my family’s breakfast on Saturday morning at Masser’s, thank you. We don’t go out much to eat because the kids are young, but your act gave us an opportunity to give them a lesson on kindness, along with a nice morning out. Again, thank you and God bless.

Chuck it

I am so sick of reading about the w. If these so-called needy people used their food stamps for food rather than a cart full of Red Bull, soda and junk food, they would have enough food to eat. Better yet, try a totally new concept: Get a job.

Personal calls

Has anybody else noticed that most of the people delivering mail are on their cell phones while doing so? I don’t know about you, but where I work personal phone calls are a no-no.

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