Help me, Putin

During Trump’s meeting with his friend Putin at the G20 summit, reporters asked Trump if he would warn Putin about election interference. Trump jokingly warned Putin not to meddle in our election while both he and Putin laughed about it. Trump joked about a serious threat to American democracy. We all know Russia attacked and continues to attack our election process. Trump’s joking attitude was a wink and a nod to Putin to keep up the attacks. Trump is is depending on the Russians to help him get re-elected president.

Messiah complex

Yo, Republicans! Remember when you thought high deficits, infidelity, executive overreach and lying were all bad things? What could have happened in the last few years to change your reaction to these travesties from hysterical outrage to blind, obedient acceptance? Oh, right. Your orange messiah is in charge now.

Not just Strong

Now the Strong fire chief was charged with these crimes with a minor for events that took place at the Strong Fire Co. My question is, did anyone else know this was happening and why didn’t they do anything? Is there going to be an investigation into it and why did the fire company and the township allow him to continue to volunteer when he was likely in contact with children? This is just another shameful thing to add to some of these township fire companies on top of all the other issues their having, like firefighters who aren’t trained, no chiefs to run their stations and no one looking to do anything about it. Do they think the public doesn’t notice these things going on? Maybe it’s time to look into closing some of these companies down, requiring training, background checks and proper supervision.

We might be kidnappers

This is for the guy that says when they take children away from their parents they’re called kidnappers. They might be kidnappers, but the people they take their children away from are called illegal immigrants.

What’s going on?

I’m seeing a report of a juvenile and a fire chief that was accused of sexual assault. I don’t know what’s coming to this area. Also, this week was a person that stole money in the probation office. Not too long ago there was another county employee that was taking money. It’s not the poor person that’s doing these things. I’m ashamed of what’s happening. You can’t trust anybody anymore.

Cheers to Cesari

Three cheers to Mr. Cesari, who had President Trump in the backseat of his wonderful car. Three boos to the Kulpmont Democrats who did not like this. I guess they wanted him to have Biden or one of these other stooges in the back of his seat.


Trump and Weinstein have much in common and the outcoming might be the same. The number of women will keep increasing until it can no longer be ignored.

Cow abuse

Just read about those cows being abused. I think it’s terrible what’s going on today with the animals. They have feelings just like us. I wouldn’t want to drink the milk that comes from those cows either because I’m sure the infections are in their bloodstreams and make it to the milk.

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