Quid pro quo

I think I know how to get Mexico to pay for the wall. Work out a deal that, for every illegal we take, they take one Democrat. The wall will be built overnight.

John and Denise

I read your Sound Off pertaining to John and Denise Brown. First off, what exactly has John done for the community, other than him and Denise planting flowers on Market Street, but exactly what have they done for the taxpayer? I paid over $2,000 last year in local taxes, it’s a little ridiculous, and he wants more? Well, you know what, I think I’m broke, I don’t have it. Well, anyway, what have he and Denise done for Shamokin?


I’m calling about the Mount Carmel Township supervisors, they need to get new people in there. Nobody’s doing their job. The manager is driving around taking pictures of himself.

Missed information

Yeah, that new counseling program, DTA, they are going to be counseling sex offenders, if I’m correct. That wasn’t in the paper and I think that was sadly missed. Our area is just going to be prisons and sex offenders. I hope those kids aren’t going to running around in the community, for this community’s safety. I hope Miss Best and the team come out and tell people exactly what’s going to go on out there with sex offenders, and that wasn’t written at all.

Money for nothing

I like to know when the state’s going to take over Shamokin high school or the City of Shamokin, because they don’t know how to use their money. They’re hiring all these managers and everything for nothing. If you have $100, you only spend $100.

Undeserved greatness

Everybody wants to talk about how great the Browns are doing. Did you take a walk around this place and look at it? I mean there’s garbage everywhere; high grass everywhere; blight, everywhere; drugs, everywhere. Whoever said they’re doing a good job has rocks in their head. Joe’s take: Caller, are you saying that the Browns should take care of everything? What about personal responsibility? Politicians alone cannot fix everything.

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