Blinded by Kool-aid

How many of you Trump fans drive a foreign car? How many of you look at everything you buy for the Made in the USA label? You are drinking the Kool-aid of the liar in chief. If you want to make a change don’t rely on government to make changes, do it yourself. Donald Trump never cared about a single one of us in the middle class. The trade deficit increased under his administration. Take your blindfolds off.

History will judge

When American and ally troops defeated the Nazis in World War II and Europe was liberated, there were no Nazi sympathizers to be found. Now the US president defends neo-Nazis and racists and his followers say nothing. History will not be kind.

Clueless for Trump

According to Mueller, the only thing saving Comrade Trump from prosecution was the fact that some of his minions were smart enough to disobey him, and Trump was too stupid to know he was breaking the law. Still seems like good grounds for impeachment for sure. At the very least, it calls into question the mental processes of his clueless followers.

Dump Trump

The recent comment regarding the Democrats acting like Hitler, implying they do not have intelligence and desire to control our lives is the most stupid and dimwitted comment I’ve read in Sound Off! Trump is the one who has stated or tweeted more than 10,000 untrue comments, directs others to lie, governs like a dictator and fires those who do not agree with him. It’s certainly the Republicans who need to wake up and promote the philosophy and agenda of their party and “dump Trump” if they want to remain a viable American party.

The football is in motion

Our unstable President lacks impulse control, has no respect for other people, the law of the land or long-standing norms of conduct. Trump lives in an alternate reality and has only one truth — what he wants to be true. If an average person, who was armed, would do and say often and publicly exactly what Trump says, that person would be admitted to a psychiatric facility. Commander Crazy is armed with the nuclear codes, yet Trump cult members cheer on his irrational behavior.

Red than Dem

The fact remains Russia and Putin’s thought were Trump lacks integrity, intelligence and can be easily manipulated. They wanted to help him get elected. Trump lies daily, has no idea what is best for the country and is only concerned about his wallet and reputation. Some Trump supporters say they would rather be Russian than Democrat. I say put them on a cargo plan and fly them to Russia and the oppressive regime with Trump as the pilot! Joe’s take: I thought the Dems were supposed to be the political left and socialist sympathetic?

Distorted report

The objective of the Mueller assignment and any investigative group is to gather information to prove guilt. However, the Mueller Report indicated he could not prove innocence. This is counter to American law where one is innocent until proven guilty. The Mueller Report is a deliberate distortion of American law. Joe’s take: Unless, of course, the Mueller Report found Trump guilty. Then it would be a different story, right?

12, count ‘em, 12

Congratulations President Trump for telling more than 10,000 lies or misleading statements since your inauguration. Trump has told an average of 12 lies per day as president of the United States. Lyin’ Donald will be receiving the Golden Forked Tongue Award, something I am sure, will make Trump cult members very proud.

Do something

Another shooting with an AR-15 and once again we will do nothing. Just what do you propose we do? Take away everyone’s guns? That’s laughable, not to mention impossible. How about we cut off their trigger finger? No, that won’t work either, they’ll just use a different finger. Oh, so even if we got rid of guns, won’t they just use something else?

Bread and butter

Lt. Gov. Fetterman is touring the state informing people that the war on drugs is a waste. How many decades will it take before the tour admitting the failure of the war on poverty, terror, immigrants, trade, prostitution and so on? It is only when we stop doing the exact wrong things that we then fix the problem. Fixing these problems doesn’t butter the right bread.

Thumbs up, Fox

Fox News’ top legal analyst, Judge Napolitano said that he believed Trump was guilty of obstruction of justice. Judge Napolitano also stated that Trump’s behavior was immoral, criminal, defenseless and condemnable. For once, I totally agree with a Fox News analyst.

Mine fire

I was wondering if the AOAA is dealing with the mine fire that is at the western side of the Caves? Nothing is being said about it. It would be very risky for patrons to be in that area with an active underground mine fire. I remember it being there when people used to be able to go out there and it being taped off.

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12 count 'em 12, where do you people get these statistics from? I am about sick of hearing random statistics with how many lies Trump told. Who told you this is true or do you go follow him around and count everyday?


Red than Dem - Poor JoJo, might be time you keep your nose to the proverbial grindstone stone and stop commenting on others sound offs...It's getting rather obvious that you are, how we say, RIGHT-handed...

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