White noise

What does a real estate listing mean when it says “quiet neighborhood?” Neighbors not blasting music? Excessive dog barking? Police not constantly making arrests? Most of the town has that, but what about white trash exhaust volume wars that are hurting our property values? There is no shame there. It baffles me. I’m glad to see it brought up.

Numbers don’t match

I would like to know where Charles Shuey got his Northumberland County prison cost overrun statistics? They seem eerily familiar to the numbers that Kym Best and Tom Aber like to reiterate while official county numbers tell a different story.

Thumbs up

The mayor of Shamokin and the city council should be commended for recognizing the youth of the community at their recent meeting. The area is blessed with a Division I swimmer from Shamokin in Abby Doss and the accomplishment of the Lourdes girls basketball team. All of the area student athletes have worked hard under the direction of their coaches.

Feel the money Bern

I watched Bernie Sanders town hall on Fox News. When the moderator asked the Fox audience if they would like to replace their current medical coverage with “Medicare for all,” the people clapped and cheered expressing overwhelming support. I am sure Fox will not be showing the Medicare for all clip on their news broadcast loop because it is not a Republican talking point. The big Republican donors make money off the medical industry and are terrified of the fact that the majority of Americans supports Medicare for all which would cost the rich billions in profits. Joe’s take: It’ll also cost the average taxpayer when they see their deduction for Medicare skyrocket. Remember, nothing is for free. Politicians promise anything and everything when they run for office. Especially, high office.

Two-way street

Respect is a two-way street. In order to receive it, you must also give it. Unfortunately, our POTUS does not understand this. His “cute” nicknames for many of his political enemies and other people who have “crossed” him along with other disrespectful comments have made him ineligible for the respect deserved by a president. Clean up your act Donny, and I will give you mine.

Old TVs

If anyone knows where you can take old TVs to, I’d appreciate if you could call into Sound Off and let me know. Thank you. Joe’s take: You could call Electronics and Recycling Services. They will come to your home to pick up your TV. The phone number is 570-259-4824.

After Trump’s heart

Sure, it’s not hard for President Trump to want to give Tiger Woods a medal. After all, Tiger is a man after Trump’s own heart. Lying, cheating and deception. Ah, great!

Wells Fargo hall

The Wells Fargo building would be great for Mount Carmel Borough Hall. Why waste money building another building when you have a good one right there?

You were wrong

In response to the Sound Off “Listen Up,” you need to get your facts straight. The lawsuit with the county is still pending. It wasn’t settled.

Good job, News-Item

I just sat down with The News-Item for Tuesday, opened to the sports section and I am so thrilled to see this young Abby Doss and her swimming accomplishments. I am so happy for her and her family. I wish there were more teenagers in this area that would do great things like she is doing. Thank you so much for putting that beautiful picture of her and her dog in. Good luck to you, Abby.

I thought we’re broke?

Taxpayers of Shamokin: I was just told the city bought a brand new street sweeper, but we’re going to go to home rule? Why do we need all this money if we’re spending it on stuff we don’t need. That’s Shamokin! Business as usual.

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