“No” Network

No, Service Electric cannot offer the Yes Network in Mount Carmel because everyone in the area would end up paying a premium so two Yankee fans can watch them lose. If you want to see the stinkin’ Yankees, move to New York. My cable bill is too high now.

No, you go home!

Those who are responsible for delivering these United States to unconstitutional surveillance and endless war should “go home” to whatever hell hole country their ancestry came from. They hate America and our Bill of Rights, so they should have left. There are plenty of authoritarian countries to choose from. They should have picked one and learned their language.

No place for racism

Many of us had grandfathers or great-grandfathers who fought the Nazis during World War II. The Nazis were racists who believed in white supremacy. Now we have a racist president and a cult of followers who are racist. Our president publicly attacks Americans of color and demonizes them for criticizing his policies. We have a president who is supported and praised by white supremacist organizations. Americans fought World War II to preserve freedom, equality and the right to pursue happiness for peoples of the world. White supremacy has no place in America, or in the White House.

Digging up news

Last week, the United States was celebrating 50 years since we landed on the moon, but everyone doesn’t remember that on that week they arrested Edward Kennedy for leaving the scene of a crime committed against Mary Jo Kopechne from Pennsylvania. He was only charged with leaving the scene of a crime. A month later, he bought her parents a new home. I’m glad I’m a Democrat. Another one swept under the rug.

He’s not crazy

“Commander cuckoo,” as you so ignorantly referred to our president, was not saying America was bad. President Trump was saying Obama and the Democrats were bad at how they ran our country. It’s a known fact Obama and his cohorts hate the military, police, ICE and America. Thank God we now have a president who loves all of the above and simply says love it or leave it to a bunch of ungrateful think-they-know-it-alls.

Out of control

I’m calling in regards to the guru ticket master of Oak Street in Mount Carmel. This guy is out of control. Either the borough has to pull him in, educate him and train him or suspend him until he understands the rule of law and knows what his job description is. He’s out of control. We need help.

Lessons from Portrush

I hope everyone saw the British Open over the weekend where Irishman Shane Lowery won at Royal Portrush Golf Club. The fans were cheering, they were laughing, they were applauding. No one disrespected a flag and no one made political commentary. It was a wonderful event with a wonderful finish and a great group of people appreciating their champion. American should take a look at this.

Send her back

Referring to Melania — send her back, send her back, send her back.

After impeachment

Before anybody starts talking about the 22nd Amendment, we better start with the 25th first.

Trees in the way

I’d like to know when Coal Township or the Sewer Authority will cut up the two trees that fell down on the old railroad bed and path in Springfield. People walk on that path with their dogs and I’m afraid someone will get hurt. The township cut the grass on it, but I don’t know why they didn’t take the trees away.

He shall remain nameless

Another article written by a local contributor was in Sunday’s News-Item. In that article, this author said every word of out President Trump’s mouth is a slur, an insult, is racist and sexist. This is incorrect. It’s also impossible that every word out of his mouth is that. I think that every article that this author continues to publish is in itself a slur and an insult to the president. This gentleman writes about nothing else.

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Hope it was just an oversite, but there was not any mention of this past week's Free Swim in the Community Calendar. I'm sure the sponsors would appreciate a little coverage..

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