Mount Carmel code enforcement needs to get their priorities straight. They appear to be more concerned with the two-hour parking limit downtown than the obvious quality of life ordinance violations riddling the borough. For example, the weeds in the Pear Street alley are seven-feet tall in one location. I have called code enforcement at least five times about the weeds at the property adjacent to mine. I even emailed the borough managers, including the mayor, and have received no response.

Orange you glad

Trump’s former campaign manager and recently convicted felon, Paul Manafort, was looking for a plea deal during his first trial. Manafort is now facing a second more difficult trial. If Manafort turns state’s evidence like so many of the Trump mob already have done, it will be the last call for the Trump cult members. Crooked Donald will be receiving an orange jumpsuit to match his orange skin.

Words of wisodm

On his relationship with Donald Trump: “Well, he’s the president of the United States. You have to respect the office, you may like, dislike personality or the politics, but we all must respect the office.” — Tiger Woods.

No idea

I would like to respond to the person who said about the prison, marijuana plant and the rehab facility. You have no idea what any of it is about and it probably doesn’t even affect you anyway. If you have not been up there to see it then you again have no idea how the layout of the buildings are. They are not right next to each other and will have no contact with each other.

Spreading the disease

The hatred of President Trump has spread like a poison over this nation and in my opinion, was initiated by President Obama’s venomous hatred, not only for the president, but for the man. President Obama is the great deceiver and divider who has destroyed the integrity of the CIA, FBI and the DOJ for his own personal gain and continues his work through the resistance movement.


In light of the recent revelations about the Catholic Church and the priest abuse, I think that I figured out what the third secret of Fatima was and why no pope would ever reveal it to the Catholic congregation. I believe it probably had to do with the downfall of the church due to the priest abuse scandal.


Five hundred years ago the Protestant Reformation radically transformed Christianity. Today, in light if the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal another reformation is definitely needed.

Big brush

For those advocating the withholding of financial support for our churches, be prepared for church closings. The priests we have are good and holy. Do not paint all with the same brush. Stop the hate and pray to our Lord and savior for help.

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