Big business

You cannot blame GM for what they are doing. It’s called business. That why, generally, the government should not stick their nose where it does not belong. Anyone who has been around a while with any common sense knows that trickle-down economics does not work. It’s a temporary high. Unfortunately, corporate greed does exist and it always will.

Think about it

President Obama saved the auto industry. Trump is destroying it. It has been two years. Think about that.

Remember the recovering

Please remember our recovering soldiers. Send a Christmas card to “a recovering American soldier” C/O Walter Reed Hospital Army Medical Center, 6900 Georgia Ave. Northwest Washington D.C. 20307-5001. Thank you.


The city should have knocked down those snow piles on Independence Street. They’d be all melted now. It rained three times since that snowfall and there are still big piles of snow on the corners. Why didn’t they knock them down so they can melt? They are a hazard on the corners. Don’t put the snow on the corners. Put them in the middle of the block.

Conspiracy theory

Everyone should be aware that all these anti-Zack comments that are appearing in Sound Off are not random calls. They are part of an organized move to demonize a man who they didn’t care for because he always took a hard line on contract negotiations.

Love of money

There are many who have willingly traded our national integrity for an increase in their 401k portfolios. The love of money is a sad excuse for tolerating inadequacy, immorality, chronic lies and the destruction of great American institutions.

Lame article

Almost all of that Zack article sounded lame. I think for $68,000 you could get a good lawyer and I thought principals evaluated teachers.

Life’s a gas

I just got gas at the Walmart in Coal Township. It was $2.65.

Liar pile

Donald Trump has lived in a house of lies all of his adult life. He lied about being a self-made businessman. He lied about his many adulterous affairs. Trump lied about his four bankruptcies and his Trump University scam. Trump’s presidential campaign was a trail of lies from beginning to end. As president, he tells an average of five lies a day. The American justice system is putting cracks in Trump’s house of lies. Soon that house will come tumbling down on Lyin’ Donald.

Threat is real

Trump criticizes those who disagree with him and calls them traitors. He states they should be prosecuted for treason. However, the constitutional crime of treason applies only to citizens levying war against the U.S. or aiding its enemies during war. Trump is a threat to our rules of law, our constitutional freedoms and our democracy.


Trump has rebuked U.S. intelligence agencies for their report that an American resident, journalist Jamal Khashoggi, was murdered by the Saudi Arabian government. Trump has also rejected intelligence assessments of Russian election interference, Iran’s compliance with the nuclear treaty and North Korea continuing to build nuclear missiles. The U.S. has spent billions to have intelligence agents all over the world gathering evidence to make these assessments, yet our stable genius President thinks he knows more than the experts.

It’s electric

Gas prices, gas prices. Remember the complaints. My nephew loves his electric car. Don’t blame presidents for gas prices. If demand was not there they would not sell. Global warming does exist. I trust science — not anyone’s gut.


Trump is canceling or weakening various federal regulations. The results are greater profits for corporations. However, the average worker, “ordinary citizens,” will have lower health standards, their welfare is endangered and they are denied cleaner air and water. Do these things result in a better economy? Yes, for the wealthy and corporate greed...a Republican snafu.

Save yourself

Mueller will face charges in the uranium one debacle. He is working to save himself, but he is subservient to the Clintons.

Kettle cooked

I would like to know why there is no Salvation Army kettle at Weis or downtown. They used to be all over. What happened? Frog’s take: Maybe they need volunteers.

Good for goose

Obama used the exact same restraints at the border as Trump is doing now with the tear gas and the children. He is doing the exact same things as Obama did, but when Obama was president no one ever complained about it. But now because it is Trump doing it, it is a big issue. We have to protect our borders. They are coming over with all kind of diseases and they are going to spread throughout the United States, and who is going to pay for all this?

If only

While watching memorials for George Bush Sr., colleagues speak about his humility, integrity and dignity. Everyone mentions his decency and kindness. It makes one wonder where we would be today if Jeb Bush would have defeated Trump in the primaries.

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