Not for food

I read in the paper the other day where a family of four gets $638 a month for food stamps. If you gave people that money in cash the last thing they’d spend it on was food.

Etched in stone

Here are enshrined the longing of great hearts and noble things that tower above the tide. The magic words that winged wonders starts the garnet wisdom that never died. …. Chiseled into the side of a library.

Ask his family

This is in direct response to the person calling in about Dennis Dick making the high school sports hall of fame. Just because he excelled in high school sports does not mean a terrible person should be put up on a pedestal. Maybe you should ask his family how they feel about your stance.


Regarding the comment about the Arch Street food pick up site/Miss Sunshine. She is a “bright” product of Central Susquehanna Opportunities on Arch Street, the old middle school. They help so many people and are appreciated by those of us in need!

Baltimore comment I

The sad thing about Trump’s comment about Baltimore is that it’s true. And that comes from someone that lived in Baltimore. They go, everything he said is true. So, more truth from our president. Tell it like it is and don’t be politically correct.

News flash

This is for the bonehead genius that called in and said the stock market boom continues because of Obama’s policies. Little news flash: Trump rolled back all the changes of Obama’s polices. So, just a little news flash.

Spare the rod

Parents and parents to be, please, listen carefully. If you raise your children, you get to spoil your grandkids. If you spoil your children, you get to raise your grandkids. I see it so often, this was just on the doctor’s show, so true. And teach your kids to live like you want to if you were living with a roommate, you want them to pick up after theirselves. I have never yet seen a teenager yet, or in this area, pick up after themselves. Stop spoiling your kids.

Knee pain

I hope this is allowed in Sound Off, if not, it’s OK. I’m up in pain all night with my knees. Anyone out there got a knee operation? Were you sorry you got it or were you happy you got it? I’m just afraid I won’t wake up after the operation. Thank you for your help and P.S., I love Sound Off.

Kulpmont drunks

The drunks from Kulpmont’s Holy Angels picnic will go to the Polish Club and get more drunk. Will Nick Bozza and police enforce the DUI laws or protect the mayor’s Polish Club buddies?

Baltimore comment II

In 1999, Elijah Cummings called Baltimore “drug infested.” He trashed a border patrol agent to distract from an illegal immigration problem he won’t fix. CNN’s Brian Stetler does a hit piece on a woman whose videos back up Trump’s claim. Stetler called her a racist; Kimberly Klacik is black. A lot of black Baltimore residents agreed with Trump. Ken Splitt, can you hear me now?

Minnesota Omar

Anybody who sticks up for Omar the Congresswoman from Minnesota needs help. First of all, she hates America. Second, she hates white America, white men, and is trying to overthrow the country by changing the Constitution. And I, for one, have no respect for any person like that.

Stars to the right

This is in regards to the backwards flag being hung at the Republican headquarters in Sunbury. All military people should know this, that when the soldiers wear the flag on their shoulder, the field of stars is always to the right. You always go forward, you never, in combat, put the flag’s field of stars to the left. That means retreat. The U.S. Armed Forces does not retreat.

Who’s ‘we’?

I’d like to know who is the “we” in Bob Getchey’s Sound Off saying we can buy and sell you? Because it certainly isn’t Bob who is the county’s biggest panhandler.

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