Ridiculous amount

Eighty-two thousand dollars a month for health care at the prison? That’s ridiculous! Shouldn’t be reassigned to either Geisinger or Sunbury Hospital for much less.

Apply within

This is Kulpmont Councilman Lutz. It is this council’s intention to maintain four full-time officers on the police force. The hiring process for a replacement will be thorough and professional. No interviews at the Polish Club.

You deserve a break today

County prison guards start at $12.75 an hour. Wow, that’s incredibly low. Why would anyone put up with the stress and job demands for that low amount of money? They should be starting these guards at least at $20 an hour. At $12.75 an hour you can work at McDonald’s and have a much better job position. The county needs to pay these people much more and cut other waste to pay for this.

Seen it all

Now I think I seen everything in the newspaper. A prison guard’s mommy complaining about the long hours her son has to work. I pity the kid because his mom should keep her nose out of his business. Now I’m sure he is being ridiculed and teased to no end. Well, Nick, keep fighting the good fight, work hard, and tell your mom to butt out. Otherwise, you’re doomed.

No ‘AOAA’ vehicles

Please, Mayor Brown, Shamokin residents don’t want dirt bikes, ATVs, side-by-sides, etc. running around the streets of Shamokin. A solution: Put signs on the telephone poles and let the patrons come into Shamokin with their legal vehicles; you won’t need any volunteers for anything. NO “off-road” vehicles allowed in Shamokin.

Pet limit

Does no one else see anything wrong with eight dogs living in a half-double house with three people. What is with you people? One dog is plenty for any family. There should be a limit on how many per household. Joe’s take: Really? If the family takes care of the pets and loves them, why shouldn’t they have more than one?

Lies upon lies

Donald Trump says he is a billionaire but he will not make his taxes public to prove it. Trump says he is a genius but sent threatening letters to his high school and college to prevent them from releasing his grade transcripts to prove it. Now he says he is exonerated in the Mueller investigation but he and his attorney general will not release the full investigation report to prove it. Why won’t Trump release the documents that will, once and for all, prove Trump’s statements to be true? The only explanation is that they are all lies.

Wrong mindset

Rep. Masser’s printed comments pertaining to Gov. Wolf’s plan to fight blight shows his inability to represent the people he serves. I laughed at how uniformed and ignorant he sounded. The mindset that “business” is the solution to every problem hasn’t worked and only has every served “business’s” interest. I ask what is Masser’s plan to bring prosperity back to our legislative district, or at least stop our area’s decline? Any plan is better than no plan. Gov. Wolf’s half-day visit was more productive than you have been since 2011.

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Oh by the way, I don't know where you dream up some of your nonsense, but the Polish Club never had any police interviews.


Apply within: Does this mean you are going to do it the correct way through The Police Civil Service Commission? Hey Lutz, will you have these Sunshine Law violation meeting interviews in your secret office, your house or the West End?

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