NI agenda?

I’ve been wondering why the recent school shooting in Colorado has been downplayed by the media. Usually, you’re all over this type of story; usually followed up by calls for gun control, etc. The reason you’re downplaying it is because a security guard at the school actually shot one of the attackers. So a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun. That, of course, doesn’t fit your agenda. Hence, it’s not that important all of a sudden. Objective reporting is a thing of the past. Joe’s take: If you mean “your agenda” as meaning us at The News-Item, sorry caller, we don’t send reporters to Colorado. Stories such as those are distributed by the Associated Press. By the way, we did have a full story about the shooting on page A3 in Thursday’s paper.

Leaving in cuffs

More than 800 former federal prosecutors, many of whom worked for the Trump administration, signed a letter stating that Trump would be charged with obstruction of justice if he were not a sitting president. We have a criminal sitting in the White House. Obviously, the Republicans in Congress will not remove Trump from office no matter what crimes Trump committed. Trump should be arrested the day he leaves the presidency.

Box tips

I pray for package deliverers — mine must climb steps. Stores often, I believe, put too much in a box. However, I learned some things. Never assume you can lift something. That was after I picked up a Walmart box and realized I had ordered two containers of cat litter, not one. Open any boxes you can outside and you are less likely to strain your back. If all else fails, keep your feet out of the way and drag the box as far as possible. I thank my lucky stars I don’t have to carry it from the store. With five cats, it was comically suggested I teach them to carry some. I don’t think that will happen. Joe’s take: Cats don’t listen to commands very well, do they?

No, not one

Just to clarify. The report is out and available for everyone to read online, so I am not sure what it is that you claim Trump is hiding. Also, each member of Congress, including Nadler, can read the un-redacted report in a sciff, but not one Democrat has bothered to go and read it, including Nadler. The only info that is redacted is the grand jury info that is against the law to release.

Trophy for trying

There are news reports about the growing number of school districts around Pennsylvania that will no longer rank its students by academic achievement, and several already went beyond that by saying they will no longer identify or recognize a valedictorian and salutatorian in graduating classes going forward. And this didn’t just start; it’s been quietly happening. So just give everybody a trophy.

Who’s the loser?

So Mr. Trump is the biggest loser? How many planes do you own? How many golf courses do you own? How many buildings do you own? And, yeah, and he’s the president of the United States. And you question the business mentality of the president? How pathetic!

Where’s my pa?

I have to agree with Judges Jones decision on the Reich case. But I also want to know, where’s the father? Why isn’t he stepping up and paying for his child that he wanted to have. This is ridiculous!


In response to “Gritty Kitty” and Chewy, too: I agree with you. What about UPS and the mailmen — have to carry 50 pounds of dog food up steep steps like my son has? Nothing has ever happened to them — they’re not suing.

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