Count the ways

Here are just a few ways that Catholics can be Democrats: Number one, they support insurance for all, which would provide health care for all citizens, especially protecting pregnant women and their babies. Number two, by supporting the dignity of women and not supporting a president who is known for assaulting them. Number three, they believe in the dignity of all people and do not support keeping the oppressed in cages. Number four, they can be Democrats and not have abortions. Nothing requires that you have one regardless of the law. Number five, by not supporting hate speech and prejudice. Number six, caring for the earth God gave us.

Meant to say

I believe what “meant to say,” meant to say, and right-winger businessmen knew this, too, is that since tariffs increase the costs of goods sold in the United States, which are purchased by Americans, American citizens will be directly paying for the wall. Mark my words.

Lunatic fringe

Most Republicans love political commentator Ann Coulter. They cheer at Coulter’s harsh conservative rhetoric. This Republican heroine just called Trump a “lunatic.” Why didn’t Coulter and others figure out that Trump was a lunatic before they helped elect him president? It was easily recognizable during the presidential campaign that Trump was unstable. Coulter’s realization is too late; we now have a lunatic in charge of our nuclear arsenal and military.

Wrong god

Press secretary Sarah Sanders stated that God wanted Trump to be president, something many Trump supporters actually believe. Would God really want our president to be a three-time married womanizer, a serial lying casino promoter who boasted about grabbing women’s private parts, paid hush money to an adult film star, rarely attends church and probably never earnestly prayed in his adult life? If God wanted a man like Trump to be president, then we are worshiping the wrong god.

Dunkin’ disaster

I agree with the person who said that the traffic surrounding the Dunkin’ Donuts is a nightmare, and it isn’t just rush hour. I sat in traffic backed up on Sunbury Street because the people turning onto Market Street couldn’t move due to the line beginning there for Dunkin’. This is crazy. And why should we go a different route? Why can’t they park and walk into Dunkin’ to get their coffee? There has got to be a better idea for that traffic. I’m all for drive-up windows, but that area is ridiculous.

Fish on

I just bought my fishing license. If you want to get a book with the regulations, now that costs three dollars extra. What’s next? An application fee for a fishing license?

Job fair

Does anybody know when the new Burger King across from the Independence fire station is going to open and are they going to have a job fair to hire new employees? Frog’s take: Huh?

Give us a break

I am calling about the Republican bashers that are in there every single day. It is the same people day after day after day. Why not give everybody else a break and just limit them to one call a day?

One note

For someone who has written for more than 60 national magazines and was an author of six books, Robert Bomboy should think before he writes. It was under President Obama that migrant children were separated from their parents. No one complained about it then. When President Trump became president and heard the complaints, he signed an executive order to put an end to stop this kind of practice. Maybe Bomboy specializes in fiction.

Tax help

I would like to have some information on knowing if there is someone out there that is going to help senior citizens with their tax returns. I know they have been doing it in the library, but I wanted to knwo when it is going to be or if someone is going to be available. I’d appreciate it very much if you would put it in the paper.

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