Fireworks galore

Our stable genius president just gave us another great idea. Trump is going to have a Fourth of July parade in Washington, stating that perhaps the event would “become a tradition.” There is only one problem with Trump’s great idea, there is already a big Fourth of July parade that has long been a tradition in Washington. Just another example of a demented Trump who is living in an alternate reality. This is the man who is in charge of our country. If you are not concerned that a psychotic man is the president, you certainly should be.

Get a job

In response to Fore: Spoken like a true socialist. Capitalism is what made this country great; the fact that you could rise from poverty to become a millionaire through hard work, or luck, is what draws people here. Why should someone who has toiled his whole life and made something of himself just give his money to someone who doesn’t work, sleeps until noon and feels like everyone owes him something? Get a job and maybe you could afford a tee time now and then.

Back to the past

Vote Democrat if you don’t like air travel, cars and cows!

Pension price

I see where two police officers “retired” — one with 13 years of service and the other with 12 years. How exactly does that work? I wonder if the taxpayers have to pay for a pension. Unfair when most taxpayers have to work until they die!

Confusing comparison

I absolutely don’t understand the liberals’ comparison of killing pre-born and the newly born to detaining children of illegal immigrants. While detaining the children is very sad, it cannot be compared to death. It is hypocritical to do so.

Alternate to Hillary

Dear anti-Trump callers: There is not one Trump supporter who will be moved by your incessant wailing. In fact, nothing you say will matter until the Democrats offer a better candidate than Hillary Clinton — a much, much better candidate than Hillary Clinton. The DNC was not afraid to run such a bad choice, so I don’t want to hear crying about her loss. Sell your 2020 alternative or put a sock in it.

Right way, wrong side

I have a little bit of concern about the people delivering papers. They need to start driving on the right side of the road instead of the opposite side of the road. I live in Springfield and I was coming up a hill, and the people who were delivering papers were coming down on the wrong side of the road; they need to get on the other side if they’re going to be delivering papers. They have two legs and that’s what they’re for, not to cause an accident. Assistant editor: Caller, why didn’t you contact The News-Item’s circulation department about this issue rather than Sound Off?

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