Lower the bar

We have all heard Trump admit in his own words that he is a sexual assaulter. Now, there are credible accusations of rape. How low does the bar go for those who enthusiastically support him?

Gay is bad

I have a few comments about the gay pride parade. First, God says pride comes before the fall. Second, God made the rainbow, not you. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah and repent before it’s too late.


Let’s think about this. My tax money, $4.6 billion dollars is going to our southern border to make life easier for a bunch of illegals. Yet, my health insurance company doesn’t want to pay for the pills my doctor ordered because they cost too much. And I go to work for this. Please, tell me, when does the revolution start? I don’t want to miss it.

America first

Giving free healthcare to illegals and refusing healthcare to a New York fireman who worked on the 9/11 disaster and is now suffering from colon cancer — something is drastically wrong.

Loud noises

I’d like to know what our police department is doing. This is the Fourth of July, and I can see setting off a firecracker or something, but these are M-80’s they’re blasting off.

Very tough, Don

The president’s idea of looking tough on the border is taking kids from their parents and putting them in cages, which is despicable. I just pray that this idea we have for a president is prosecuted for all the crimes he committed when he leaves office.

Watering a fishbowl

A quick snapshot of why the Mount Carmel Area School District is incompetent. It’s July 3, after a night of torrential rain, and what do we see happening? The sprinklers on the field watering the field, wasting valuable resources and money. This is why the school district needs to change from the top down.

Hire me

To the Coal Township commissioners: I would like to apply for the code enforcement job. You get a secretary, a car and you don’t have to work and get all the benefits. I think I can handle that job.

Bring industry

This area does not need a hotel. This area needs industry. It needs jobs. I like that ATV park out there, but it doesn’t create any jobs.

Dirt road maintenance

It’s a shame that the residents of Fidler Green Road in Coal Township can’t get the street department to come here and fix the potholes and ruts on one of the only dirt roads in the township. We pay taxes, too. Enough said.

Honor the flag

The colonial flag, made by Betsy Ross, celebrated our independence from an oppressive nation. I love that flag. Why is Colin Kaepernick picking on that? I think Kaepernick should move to another country that has all the freedoms and liberties that he enjoys here. He doesn’t like America? Get rid of him.

Think about it

A Sound Off caller said 135 people occupy the space for 35 people. Why do you think that is? Think about it for a moment. It’s because thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants swarmed across our border. First of all, they’re not supposed to be here, but when you have thousands and thousands of people come in all at once, where are you supposed to put them?

Agree, WWJD

I agree with the WWJD caller. How can these so called evangelical Christians show no respect for human life and call themselves Christians? Whether these people cross the border illegally or not, they are still human beings and deserve to be treated that way. Why is one type of life important and another not? To me, these people in charge are fake Christians and religious hypocrites.

Get off welfare

I just got a flyer in the mail from a local window and door company looking to hire people. Fifteen dollars an hour, $1,000 sign-on bonus, paid time off, 401k, tuition reimbursement, medical, dental and vision insurance. Now, I would like to ask, why are people that are fully capable of working from the ages of 18 to 50 years old, why are they collecting welfare?

No display

The time to display our military equipment is not now, it’s when we are at war.

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