Toomey bad

I totally agree with you about Pat Toomey. I called his office Friday and told him I hope he is primaried because he’ll never get my vote again. I really hope Rick Santorum throws his hat into the ring. Toomey ranks right up there with Arlen Specter. Toomey has got to go.

Believe the science

Democrats do not believe scientists that support the theory that life begins at conception, but they have full faith in the science of climate change. Now God always works through nature. Maybe God is telling us to change our ways with these national disasters because certain political leaders think that they are God and have the right to change what God has created.

Get off the road

When a property owner doesn’t pay his property taxes, he loses his house. So when a car owner ignores all fines for breaking the driving laws, he should lose his vehicle. Taking his license is senseless. There’s probably more drivers without a license on the road than legal drivers. Joe’s take: Take the license, take the car, but it won’t stop them from getting into a car and driving illegally.

Shoutout to Larry

The photographer did a fantastic job capturing the action in Tuesday’s sports section.

Get over McCain

Well, here we go again with Donald Trump attacking John McCain. The man is dead and you won’t let him rest in peace? And he’s still attacking him? Donald Trump has a mental problem and you people need to realize this. He is a sick man. I’ve been telling you all along that this man is disturbed. Why is he picking on John McCain? Why?

Zerbe blues

I’m a resident of Zerbe Township and a loyal taxpayer. I would like to know why my tax money is being wasted on a road crew that starts in the morning before it’s even daylight. And with the way these potholes are being filled right now, maybe they should wait until daylight so they can see what they’re doing and get the ones they’re missing. Our taxpayer dollars are being wasted in Zerbe Township.


The American people better watch who they vote for, because the Democratic Party is acting exactly like Hitler.

Short and sweet

Corruption now defines America.

Small man

Every time Trump calls someone an unbecoming name, he becomes smaller.

Stop the wrecks

How many accidents are going to happen before they put a flashing red light warning sign alerting drivers that there’s a red light approaching the connector intersection of Brennan’s Farm Road and Route 54 in Mount Carmel Township?

Back off Zack

I don’t know why everybody is giving Jim Zack such a hard time. He’s done a lot more for this district than any other administrator out there off the clock. People all over the state do PIAA work for school business. It’s not that big of a deal.

Don’t judge

Concerning the woman who takes her grandchildren to the Salvation Army church: Have some compassion for her. Not everybody has an easy life. She has problems you don’t know about and wants her grandchildren to remember happy things with her, like going to church.

Gun ban

Did you notice New Zealand skipped thoughts and prayers and moved right to gun regulation?

Fake news

I’m willing to bet that nobody can verbatim find where Trump said the media is the enemy of the people. The fake media is the enemy of the people. You have to use the word “fake.”

Crazy president

So now crazy Donnie is once again in a battle with John McCain. Who, by the way, has been dead for seven months. What a nut!


This week Donald Trump has condemned General Motors, New York, Stephen Colbert, France, the FBI, immigrants, California, China, Jimmy Fallon, Google and John McCain. This week Donald Trump has not condemned the white supremacist shooter.

Giving thanks

People I know got up everyday starting last week and prayed that the miracle premature twins may make it. Others get up and thanked God they have another day, while others wonder if they will have health insurance or can get disability because they can no longer work at 57. Why does it matter who has bragging rights or announces it? Count your blessings, make peace and work together while you can.

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