Next door

Cemetery sinkholes in Mount Carmel. Did everybody forget that the Alaska Colliery was right next to it? They could be mine settlements. Editor’s take: Our story said just that.

New holiday

If Kulpmont can’t beat the rat problem, they might as well try to make a buck off of it. Instead of Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney, they ought to have “Rat Hole Day” in Kulpmont. Mr. Lutz can stand outside a dilapidated house with a derby on and see if a rat sees his shadow. Frog’s take: Well, what would happen if he sees his shadow? You can’t leave us hanging like this.

Big lie

Trump stated that he has no financial interests with the Saudis. Video unequivocally proves this to be a big lie. Trump is on tape repeatedly stating during the campaign how much he likes the Saudis because they have invested hundreds of millions in his businesses. The Saudis continue to spend millions at Trump properties. Trump will never call out Saudi Arabia for murdering a journalist or for anything else as long as they are putting money into Trump’s pocket. Benedict Donald is bought and paid for by both the Saudis and Russians.

Robbing Peter

The government cannot “give” what it has not first taken, by force, from someone else. People want to have money left over after taxes to give to a charity they chose, not to fund the politically connected. Who wants to have extreme taxation, and be in debt up to their eyeballs, like Europe? Entitlements are already half of the budget, the rest starts wars and bails out rich bankers. Charity is not authorizing someone to take a gun to my head to fund your cause.

Bucket back

In regard to the coal bucket staying in Mount Carmel, let me take a wild guess, you are from Mount Carmel. Well, let’s just wait and see. I’m from Coal Township and I graduated from Mount Carmel. I’m hoping it comes back here.

Off the leash

I just saw Bob Casey in the newspaper. I didn’t think he was a real person. You never get to see him except for every six years. I guess Schumer let him out of Washington to do something for him.

Smear campaign

A call into Sound Off stated that the strategy of the Republican party is to use tactics that smear opponents with character assassination. Wait, what? Are you kidding me? Have you just not seen the Kavanaugh hearings? If you want to talk about a smear campaign, the despicable Democrats have smeared a good man and it just blew back in their face.

Their fair share

Heavily taxed Democrat-controlled states are complaining that they are losing their federal tax subsidies when should be happy that they are finally given the opportunity to pay their fair share. Now fiscally responsible states won’t have to support their socialist Democratic responsibilities.

Bring the noise

I don’t understand why City Council is allowing the four-wheelers and dirt bikes from the AOAA to come into downtown Shamokin. When they come in, they are pulled in by trailers, by trucks, cars and vans, so if they really want to come into town, why don’t they just unhook the trailers and drive their vehicles into town. That way we don’t have to put up with the noise.

Giddy up

Some members of Kulpmont council make me sick. All over social media patting themselves on the back for the recycling grant. I’m here 15 years and Kulpmont has always recycled and got grants. I never saw one councilman swing a recycling container or type a form for this program. Thank your street department and borough secretary. Get off your high horse, council.

In the details

Keep writing letters, Kenn Splitt, the devil loves you.

Cracked up

I was wondering which nutty politician came up with the idea of buying the land by the railroad tracks for parking. Are they out of their minds? This town needs more parking like it needs another bar or pizza parlor. Somebody is cracking up.


Half of what these politicians say about each other on TV, why do we want any of them in office? The only thing they are good for is filling their pockets. They don’t do anything for the common people.

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I think if the Rat sees his shadow, he'll bite the hand that feeds him! [sneaky][sneaky][sneaky][scared][scared][scared]

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