Remove Trump

If you have a president that knows the Russians are killing our American troops, and he doesn’t do anything about it, he’s got to be removed. He needs to be impeached. And if he didn’t know about it, what the heck kind of administration does he have?

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To Susan: you truly need some professional help , like your idol Trump !


Susan, you make no sense. Korea? You are not concerned if Russia paid to have US servicemen killed? That’s an act of war! Stop drinking the Kool-Aid. Even a half-wit can piece this puzzle together. Trump is not fit for office.


Coal Country 1 , you are so right!


Karen I mean Susan always here to ramble a bunch of random lies, half truths and incomplete sentence's.


You are so right , Karen , I mean Susan , is delusional !!!!

Susan A Yucha

More muddying the water like the Russian collusion phony charges against President TRUMP taking 50 Million taxpayers Dollars and 3 years of investigation to find Zilch, NADA, nothing but Lame Brain still believes that made-up charge by the Liberal Leftist Socialist party. WAR is ugly and cruel and today Allies are tomorrows enemies and the proof is that CHINA killed thousands of American Servicemen in the Korean WAR.

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