Add and subtract

The essential government workers who had to work during the shutdown should be given a bonus, but not the ones who stayed home all day and watched TV but still got paid.


So now we have Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, signing a Senate bill into law that would legalize a mother murdering her unborn child right up to the day before giving birth. This is what we’ve become as a nation. In the Old Testament, children were sacrificed to the pagan gods. We now sacrifice our children to convenience and expense.

Jealous loser

Forget going back and forth between the Eagles and the Cowboys; they both lost. I, for one, am glad the Chiefs lost, because God forbid if they would have went to the Super Bowl; The News-Item would have been the Veach-Item. Editor’s take: You’re darn right! It’s too bad we can’t celebrate such a great achievement by a local man, but maybe next year.

No job to go back to

I’m so sick of hearing about these government workers. They’ll collect their unemployment and their jobs will be there. How do they think we felt when they gave our jobs away to China? We didn’t even have a job to go back to.

Numbered parking

I was wondering when we could get numbers for each address on the 1400 block of Hemlock Street so we all have a parking spot up here, instead of one person hogging up four or five parking spots. Maybe Coal Township could come and put individual numbers on the street so we’d each have a spot.

8,000 lies

Wonder woman is at it again. She said she doesn’t know about any of the 8,000 lies the president told since he’s been in office. Well, if she doesn’t know them and you do, write the 8,000 lies down on a piece of paper and send it to The News-Item to be published.

Wall ’em out

Our governor appropriated huge amounts of tax dollars to fight opiate addiction and sex trafficking. Why don’t we just build the wall as the president’s trying to do so we can prevent the problems from coming across the border. Democrats approved $57 billion in foreign aid and cannot give $5.7 billion to protect our borders with a wall.

Wall-to-wall walls

I was looking through Facebook the other day and somebody made a comment about the $150 billion that Obama gave to Iran could buy a whole helluva lot of walls. Well, what about the $1.7 trillion Trump gave to millionaires? That could put walls all around our country how many times.


I guess we can call Mr. Trump “Spelunker” because he caved, baby.

No respect

The story about the new right hander the Yankees signed for a fabulous amount. It said he would strike Babe Ruth out every time. It’s a different ball game from eating hot dogs and drinking beer. He deserves to be with the New York Yo-Yos. Steinbrenner would roll in his grave if he heard this guy talk. No respect for Babe Ruth.

Voter fraud

Texas found 95,000 illegal aliens on voter rolls and 58,000 of them have voted.

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